Office of Emergency Management

The City of Kirkland Office of Emergency Management's mission is to work in partnership with the community to provide useful information for readiness, response, and recovery for all hazards.

Get Prepared for Emergencies

The City of Kirkland is at risk for a wide variety of hazards that could threaten the life safety or property of City residents and visitors or the environment that we all enjoy.

Emergency Management works to get the City ready to respond to disasters, but it is the responsibility of everybody to get prepared for emergencies.


Kirkland community members and visitors should know the hazards that could impact the community, be informed when emergencies happen, make a plan to respond to those hazards, build a kit to sustain themselves after a disaster, and get involved with their community to respond together.

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The Office of Emergency Management recently facilitated a weeklong exercise for the 2022 Cascadia Rising national disaster exercise. We practiced our point of distribution plans and our mass care sheltering capabilities. Check out the video below to see our plans in action!