Park Lane Outdoor Sculpture Gallery

The Park Lane Sculpture Gallery Exhibition 

The Park Lane Sculpture Gallery has returned for a two-year exhibit to run 2023-2025 and showcases some incredible visual arts for the public to enjoy! Our gallery exhibition is displayed on 6 art plinths along Kirkland’s Park Lane. The artwork is focused on ways to inspire, connect, and uplift the human spirit and the power of community. This exhibition runs through September 2025. Installation begins mid-October 2023.

For this 2023-2025 exhibit, artists were selected from a competitive Call to Artists process during the spring of 2023. The artists selected to display sculptural works created in many different media are (in order of exhibit number):

Gerry Newcomb 

Martha Spak

Jenny Ellsworth

Patrick Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan Public Art

Haiying Wu

MacRae Wylde


Please see detailed information about the artists and images of their works below.

The works in this exhibition are for sale by the artists. Sales are handled by the artists directly and the city takes no commission on sales. If you are interested in purchasing one of the sculptures, please contact the artist.

The Park Lane Outdoor Sculpture Gallery was made possible by many volunteers and members of the community. We want to share our gratitude for the funding that the city receives from 4Culture. 4Culture’s commitment to public art and culture can be witnessed throughout King County in numerous public art displays in our region’s cities. We also extend much gratitude to the hard work and dedication of the volunteer Kirkland Cultural Arts Commissions (KCAC), in particular the Park Lane Outdoor Sculpture Gallery Committee for their efforts to create and support this exhibition as well as the gallery. And a final thank you to the City of Kirkland’s excellent Public Works team who helps us with the technical installation of these public, outdoor sculptures along our busiest commercial corridor.

Park Lane Outdoor Gallery: Artworks and Artist Information

Park Lane Sculpture Locations


Sculpture #1

Pluma The Feather by Kirk Seese

Located on Park Lane near the F45 Training Facility

Artist: Gerry Newcomb

Title: 'Blue Spire'
Medium: Cast Glass and Steel
Price: $4,500

To inquire about this piece for sale, please contact the artist directly by visiting their website:

 Artist Statement: “Originally the medium was clay, which for a number of years I enjoyed great personal and artistic success. I became dissatisfied with the concept of applying glaze to the clay and developed the idea of ‘lost clay’ casting process. Using clay as a model and taking a mold and filling and firing the mold, so as to end up with a solid glass, or glaze work. These pieces relate to the idea of water, flow, wave, movement of water. The visual elements in the face reference elements carried within the water. They are transparent, but still offer color and graphic details to the viewer.”

Artist Gerry Newcomb is a northwest native with a long career working with glass including instructing. His beautiful sculptures have appeared in exhibits throughout the United States.



Icosohedron Kirk Seese

Sculpture #2

Located on Park Lane in front of Zeek’s Pizza

Artist: Martha Spak

Title: 'Big Smile'
Medium: Power Coated Aluminum
Price: $5,000

To inquire about this piece for sale, please contact the artist directly by visiting their website:

Artist Statement: “My sculptures are intended to be familiar yet unique. They are made of abstract shapes that communicate emotions and can act as a focal point for social interaction and engagement. The sculpted circular shapes offer a fluid and open-ended narrative that allows viewers to engage with and speak to a wide range of individuals, transcending cultural, social, and linguistic barriers. Sometimes positive characteristics such as shape, color and materials can help foster values of a place, creating a sense of identity and pride reminding people of their shared heritage, strength and belonging. My playful designs resonate with people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities in a non-intimidating way by contributing to belonging and shared values.”

Martha Spak is an East Coast-based artist whose captivating work has been displayed in many venues in the United States and internationally. She is also an educator in the field with numerous publications.


Sculpture #3

Located in front of Cactus RestaurantJose-Trejo-Maya_Transparencies_for-website.jpg

Artist: Jenny Ellsworth

Title: 'Outer Realm'
Medium: Steel
Price: $8,600

To inquire about this piece for sale, please contact the artist directly by visiting their website at

Artist Statement: “From a very young age I have been artistic. It wasn’t until I worked for a steel fabrication business when I discovered my love for metal. Seeing the potential in the “throw away” metal keeps me thinking, how can I give this a second chance. I feel that my distinctive style emanates joy and love as I work to give metal a balanced look. In 2008 I took my little portfolio of sculptures, inspired by plants and critters made from car parts, around to nurseries and galleries. In 2009 I joined the Yard Gardena Patio Show, was awarded a blue ribbon in at the Lake Oswego Arts Festival, got my first permanent sculpture at the Ainsworth House and in 2010 began submitting to cities to join their sculpture rotations. It’s been consistent ever since.”

Northwest artist Jenny Ellsworth is from Oregon and is a self-taught artist specializing in innovative recycled art with an objective to lift the spirit and expand the mind of people when they see her artwork. Her work has won awards and she has hosted welding classes for women.



Sculpture #4

Shachihoko Robin Momii
Located on Park Lane in front of Sweet Serenity

Artist: Patrick Sullivan of Sullivan & Sullivan Public Art

Title: 'Last Love'
Medium: Italian Carrera Marble
Price: $6,500

To inquire about this piece for sale, please contact the artist directly by visiting their website:

Artist Statement: “I am a Tero certified artist of the Cherokee Nation. My work is represented by The Abstract Marble Gallery in Marble, Colorado and Sunrise Art Gallery in St. George, Utah where I have studio facilities. Stone is the most sustainable and green material in history, climate friendly with zero harmful emissions or toxic materials created during fabrication, accessing power of Earth for positive community involvement.”

Based in Utah, Patrick Sullivan has over 40 years of experience as a landscape designer and stone mason with a unique perspective on placement of public art. On-site sculpting projects with public input are his specialty.



Sculpture #5

Mi Paloma II McJunkin White
Located at the NW Corner of Main Street and Park Lane

 Haiying Wu

Title: 'Salmon in Frame'
Medium: Steel
Price: $20,000

To inquire about this piece for sale, please contact the artist directly at:

Artist Statement:  Salmon in Frame features three mirror-polished stainless-steel salmon and a colored metal square tube frame. Each salmon is suspended independently on the steel structure, allowing them to freely move. When a gentle breeze passes through the fish bodies gracefully collide, producing a delightful melody that harmonized with the environment. Symbolizing the endless cycle of life, salmon embodies the beauty of nature’s gifts

Haiying Wu is a Western Washington based artist who completed his studies in the Sculpture Department at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in China. He immigrated to the United States in 1989 and graduated from the University of Washington in 1996. Since then, he has been actively involved in public art creation in both China and the United States. His remarkable works can be spotted in major cities of both nations, such as the "Seattle Fallen Fire Fighter’s Memorial" and a monumental granite piece “Ni e tigers” located in Xichang, China. Notably, he's currently commissioned by the Washington Arts Council to create a statue of Billy Frank, which will become a permanent collection of the National Statuary Hall, representing a generous gift from the state of Washington to the federal government.



Sculpture #6

Cloud 9 Ed McCarthy
Located on the far end of Park Lane, near Orangetheory Fitness

MacRae Wylde

Title: 'Prevail'
Medium: Clear Coated Steel
Price: $12,000

To inquire about this piece for sale, please contact the artist directly by visiting their website:

Artist Statement: “I am always thinking about building a sculpture. I keep journals of both written word ideas, and drawings of shapes and forms that somehow, I want to include in a piece. I rarely use the drawings as working plans, rather they become suggestions that when transferred to a specific material get adjusted to what I am working on. I am consciously trying to use the materials I have. So that many pieces start with a shape that is the off-cut from another piece. Almost every piece I have done in the last two years has led to a reciprocal piece made from the parts I cut away. The sculpture Prevail was developed around a single line I drew on my worktable. I liked it enough that I developed the piece and used the table surface as the material. All the waste cuts are part of the sculpture Persist. They share the same curves yet are very different pieces.”

Northwest artist MacRae Wylde is from Oregon. He lets the materials he’s working with design the object, creating unique statements of art. “The shapes and ideas behind a piece dictate the form, my job is to put them together.”