Public Art in Kirkland

Park Lane with people walking and colorful Hispanic art

Kirkland is a distinguished art and cultural destination that features celebrated galleries, art and cultural organizations, individual artist and events. It’s not by accident that those who live, work, and play here have become art enthusiasts in some way. Public art greets and intrigues you throughout the City, performances happen year round and art galleries showcase traditional and new art forms. Visit the City’s tourism website to explore Kirkland’s diverse art scene. 

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission (KCAC) is a volunteer board that works to help arts, culture and heritage grow and thrive in the City of Kirkland. Along with supporting art and cultural initiatives throughout the year the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission advises the City Council on art acquisition and promotes strategic arts planning in Kirkland. The KCAC is charged with managing and curating the City's public art collection, including a 1 Percent for Art mandate for City projects over a certain threshold. In addition, the Cultural Arts Commission has partnered with neighborhood associations and private developers to expand the public art offerings, and curates art for the City using grant funding from 4Culture.      

Ongoing Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission (KCAC) projects include:

Cross Kirkland Corridor Call for Artists

The KCAC is excited to announce the 2021 Cross Kirkland Corridor Call for Artists!

The Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission is looking for an artist or artist team to beautify the Cross Kirkland Corridor, a ten-foot-wide crushed gravel trail that stretches from Kirkland’s southernmost border all the way up to its northern boundary in Totem Lake. The CKC connects various City parks, neighborhoods, attractions and public spaces, and is highly loved and utilized by residents, guests and commuters. The corridor is an exciting blend of urban and woodsy rural, with deeply forested segments that merge with enhanced sections, spectacular viewpoints, custom bridges, and much more. If you’ve never wandered the CKC we invite you to come and be inspired! We are open to all ideas, including murals, sculptures, wayfinding art… Anything your imagination can come up with!  

The total budget for this project is $8,580 and the deadline to apply is Friday, October 8. Please find all the details of the Call on the Call webpage at: Cross Kirkland Corridor Call for Artists.

Note: This project needs to be billed to the City before December 10, 2021 but can be installed in 2022. Please review the Call for more details. This project is funded by 4Culture!

This call is open to both emerging and established practicing artists residing in Washington state. Kirkland-based artists are strongly encouraged to apply. The City of Kirkland and the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission enthusiastically embrace diversity in all its forms and welcome all artists who want to apply for this call! The City and the KCAC strive to proactively solicit and curate art that reflects the diversity of the Kirkland community, encourages a sense of belonging for all people, and supports the expression of historically marginalized communities. The art created by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color performs a unique role in our community and helps provide inspiration to resolve societal inequity and injustice. This important work of bringing equity to art is pivotal to the KCAC’s efforts to confront injustices of the past and reveal inequities of the present in order to build a more diverse, inclusive collection of public art, now and in the future.

Neighborhood Greenways Project

The North and South Rose Hill Greenways Project is currently underway and is being facilitated by the North and South Rose Hill Greenways Project Art Committee. The North and South Rose Hill Greenways are City’s first two neighborhood greenways. Greenways are transportation corridors where walking and bicycling are the primary modes of travel, and driving is the alternative form. These first two walking and bicycling meccas are slated for South Rose Hill's Northeast 75th Street corridor and North Rose Hill's 128th Avenue Northeast corridor. Construction is underway with an anticipated completion of fall 2021. 

In October of 2020, community members were invited to provide feedback about potential public art on the North and South Rose Hill Greenways through a brief survey. The greenways art committee – made up of City staff, members of the Kirkland Cultural Arts Commission and artist Kristi M. Park of BioDesign Studio – produced the video below to provide the public with some additional context during the administration of the survey. Please feel free to watch the video for additional information about this ongoing project! 

For some basic information on Greenways, visit: Neighborhood Greenways One Sheet(PDF, 423KB)