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Neighborhood Matching Grant Program

The Neighborhood Matching Grant Program provides Kirkland neighborhoods the opportunity to apply for City funds to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. Neighborhood matching grant funds have resulted in many physical improvements in the neighborhoods as well as community building activities.

Historical Listing of Grants (PDF-23 kb)

Eligible Projects
Eligible projects fall into five categories:

  • Community Building Events: Neighborhood picnic, July 4 parade entry, holiday events, outdoor health/recreation (walking, biking, running) events, and emergency preparedness fairs.
  • Communications and Operations: Neighborhood website, mailings, newsletters, meeting space, and administrative costs.
  • Physical Improvement Projects: Landscape beautification, playground and minor park improvements, tree planting, and clean-up.
  • Neighborhood Identity Projects: Signage and neighborhood entrance beautification, banners, and public art.
  • Leadership Training and Education: Sponsorship of board members or residents to the Leadership Institute, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), or other training opportunities.

How To Apply
Neighborhood Associations interested in participating in the Matching Grant program must complete and sign a Matching Grant Application. Mail applications to the City of Kirkland, City Manager's Office, 123 5th Avenue, Kirkland, WA 98033-6189 or FAX applications to (425) 587-3019.

Please include the following attachments:

  • Meeting minutes reflecting board approval of project.
  • Copies of the organization’s by-laws and articles of incorporation (reflecting non-profit, tax exempt status) unless there have been no changes.

Applicants should be prepared to start their projects immediately upon receiving notification of the award.

Funding Criteria
Proposed projects will be evaluated on their scope and quality. To be eligible, projects must meet the following conditions:

Payment Procedures
Upon receipt of the award, the Association and City will enter into an agreement for services described in the application. Matching grant funds will be released to the Association on a reimbursement basis. Funds are typically dispersed within two weeks of invoice receipt. These funds may only be used to support the activities described in your proposed work plan and budget. Significant changes in your program or budget must be approved by the City representative before funds are expended.

Important Note: The project(s) must be completed by December 12, 2016. Reimbursement deadline is December 12, 2016.

Final Project Report
The Final Report has two purposes:

  1. The Final Report should document that all elements of the contract between the City and the grant recipient have been fulfilled. This documentation should include proof that City funds were used responsibly and as intended.
  2. The Final Report should highlight the achievements realized through the grant. The City will use the information included in the Final Report to inform the City Council, the media, and interested citizens about the grant program. The Final Report is also an opportunity for grant recipients to let the City know how the program might be improved.

A Final Report should be submitted to the City by January 31, 2017. Please include the following attachments:

  • Verification (as well as accounting) for each project on the proposed work plan.
  • Verification of your match and volunteer labor.
  • Any promotional materials created during the project.
  • Any photographs illustrating the work achieved under the grant.
  • Anything else that expresses the activities and success of the project.

Important Note: Organizations that fail to submit a Final Report will be ineligible for future grants.

City Manager's Office
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3001 | F. 425.587.3019