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Highlands Neighborhood Connection Projects

Neighborhood Connection Program 1999-2010:

The Neighborhood Connection Program invited residents to learn about City services, ask questions, and suggest neighborhood improvements. The purpose of the program was to:
  • Provide neighborhoods with the resources to address neighborhood needs.
  • Strengthen the relationship between City Hall and the neighborhoods.
  • Support neighborhood associations in expanding their membership.
  • Increase awareness of the City’s neighborhood services.
  • Build partnerships to improve Kirkland’s neighborhoods.

Every three years, neighborhood residents were given the opportunity to identify and prioritize improvements to their neighborhood. In ten years, over a million dollars of improvements (90 projects) were completed. City Council allocated $25,000 for each neighborhood’s top priority projects. Due to the economic downturn in 2010, the program was eliminated.

Residents are still invited to suggest Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) as the City prepares its six-year Capital Improvement Program.

Park Improvement/Project #95

Project 95

Project Year:
Location: NE 100th St and 117th Pl NE (Spinney Homestead Park)
Description: Remove roots and resurface asphalt walkway where damaged along perimeter.
Cost: $2,500

Stairs Improvement/Project #94

Project 94

Project Year:
Location: 116th Ave NE and NE 107th Pl (Forbes Creek)
Description: Rebuild stairs from north end of 116th Avenue NE down to railroad tracks. Eagle Scout project.
Cost: $2,000

Walkway Improvement/Project #81

HL Project 81

Project Year:
Location: 116th Ave NE (between NE 88th and NE 94th Streets)
Description: Asphalt portion of 116th Ave NE walkway.
Cost: $6,500

Walkway Improvement/Project #80

HL Project 80

Project Year:
Location: 116th Ave NE (south of NE 94th St)
Description: Widen and place gravel path along east side of 116th Ave NE walkway.
Cost: $15,000

Neighborhood Entrance Improvement/Project #79

HL NC Project 79

Project Year:
Location: 116th Ave NE and 112th Ave NE (at NE 87th St)
Description: Enhance neighborhood entrance by landscaping with drought tolerant, low-maintenance plants.
Cost: $2,500

Trail Improvement/Project # 78

HL Project 78

Project Year:
Location: 110th Ave NE & NE 98th Street (Cotton Hill Park)
Description: Add gravel to trail entrance to help keep it dry year round (approximately 750 feet of trail). Trail links Highlands Neighborhood to Crestwoods Park.
Cost: $5,000

Walkway Improvement/Project #46

HL Project 46
Project Year:
Location: NE 87th St and 112th Ave NE
Description: Constructed asphalt walkway to improve pedestrian safety along arterial.
Cost: $25,000

Park Improvement/Project #16

Highlands Project 16

Project Year:
Location: NE 90th St between 112th Ave NE and 116 Ave NE (Cedar View Park)
Description: Created Pocket Park (Highlands Park Space). Surveyed property boundary, installed fence, significant land clearing and debris removal, minor grading, landscaping, and benches/picnic tables.
Cost: $25,000


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