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Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan

What is a Master Plan?
The Master Plan’s purpose is to serve as a guidance document that will build the framework and identify some basic design elements for a regional paved trail and a regional transit pathway along the corridor. Primarily, this includes the location of access points, types and locations of amenities, and how road crossings are handled.

View the adopted version of the CKC Master Plan.

The Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan has four goals:
  1. Connect Kirkland
  2. Foster a greener Kirkland
  3. Shape a place unique to Kirkland 
  4. Activate Kirkland and evolve over time
Funding of the Master Plan development is made possible by the passage of the November 2012 Parks Levy (Proposition 2). In early-2013, the City hired The Berger Partnership to help develop the Master Plan. The Master Plan was adopted by the City Council in June 2014.


Master Plan Character Zones

With these goals in mind, the Master Plan divided the corridor into eight distinct geographic regions, or “Character Zones.”  Through extensive research and gathering public input, unique attributes and opportunities for future growth and development were identified within each Character Zone. By clicking on each zone (to the right), you will see a section map and comments heard at Community Planning Day in October 2013. To learn more about Character Zones, read: Understanding the Corridor (Draft published August 2013).

 CKC Character Map

Participate! More great things to come!

After six months of planning, two public meetings, dozens of conversations, and hundreds of the community’s comments, your involvement has helped shape the look and feel of our future corridor. But, we’re not done yet! There are a number of ways you can participate, and here’s just a few:

David Godfrey, Transportation Engineering Manager
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Latest Publications Outreach Materials
Adopted Cross Kirkland Corridor Master Plan (June, 2014) Public Involvement Report (PDF) - From the Feb. 27, 2014 Community Forum
Visioning & Project Goals(PDF) – Draft published: September 2013 [PDF 2.57 MB] Slideshow from Community Forum- Feb. 27, 2014 (PDF)
Understanding the Corridor (PDF) – Draft published: August 2013 City Update newsletters
Next Steps: Design Guidelines & Principles and more(PDF) – Draft published: August 2013 Public Involvement Report (PDF) – From the October 19, 2013 Community Planning Day
   Slide Show Presentation (PDF) – From the October 19, 2013 Community Planning Day
  Public Involvement Report(PDF) – Last updated: Spring 2013
  Summary of Interviews  (PDF) – Conducted Summer 2013
  Project Fact Sheet (PDF) – Last updated: Feb. 2014