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See below for information about our upcoming Safer StyroFest Events.

StyrofoamTM cannot be recycled in your curbside recycling containers because it breaks apart at the Recycling Center, is not feasible to sort, and so lightweight that a very large volume must be collected to produce a saleable quantity of material. You can drop off StyrofoamTM at special collection locations to be recycled. StyrofoamTM can also be disposed in your regular garbage can at home.

styrofest-visual-guideStyroFest Monthly Plastic Foam Recycling Event
Both StyrofoamTM and plastic bags are accepted at this special collection event hosted by the City of Kirkland. We also accept flexible plastic foam (EPE). Materials must be clean, dry and empty, and should be sorted by type and color. Please remove packing tape and labels. Packing peanuts are not accepted at StyroFest, and should be thrown away.

We have changed our StyroFest event format to improve safety for the public and our vendors. Hours are reduced and locations have changed.

These special events have safety instructions and require that all materials are fully prepared and ready to drop off before attending the event.
Download the StyroFest flyer (pdf) with guidelines
Fall 2020 Styrofoam recycling events include:

StyrofoamTM Recycling Drop-Off Locations in Seattle Area

StyroFest is the only option for recycling StyrofoamTM in Kirkland; Styrofoam is not accepted in your recycling cart at home. Drop-off recycling is available in Kentlinks to external site and Shorelinelinks to external site. Residents of neighboring cities may have access to local foam recycling options. StyrofoamTM can be disposed as trash in your regular garbage can at home, or large quantities can be thrown away at the Houghton Transfer Stationlinks to external site in Kirkland for a fee.

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