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Help Prevent Flooding

Kirkland’s street drains are designed to prevent flooding. Spill/Flooding Hotline

Other water pollution or drainage concerns?
Visit the Our Kirkland Customer Service Portal.
However, when leaves and other debris collect in the street and block these drains, water can back up and cause ponding that affects traffic and pedestrians and can even flood yards and homes.

City crews work to keep storm drains clear, but with over 12,000 drains in Kirkland, we could use your help! With your assistance, we can keep streets safe and clear and can reduce property damage caused by flooding.

Keep leaves and debris out of storm drains​Resources
Floods - Get info on how to protect your property from flooding
Take Winter By Storm - Winter preparedness tips
National Flood Insurance Program

  • Check storm drain grates and the surrounding area frequently to make sure they are free of leaves and debris.
  • Rake leaves away from storm drains and gutters near your house or business and dispose of leaves in your gray yard waste container or compost bin. You can set out extra yard waste for free collection in November. Place in paper yard bags, reusable bag, or personal labeled bin.
  • Do not remove the grate from the storm drain opening - this does not unclog the system and creates a hazard for everyone.
  • Clear your drain only if it is safe. Call 425-587-3900 if flooding is severe and you are unable to clear the drain.
  • Do not rake or blow leaves from your property into the street. You could be billed for clean-up by the City if found doing so.
  • Do not dump trash, yard waste, large rocks or other debris into creeks or drainage ditches, which can block the flow of water. Report dumping to the Public Works Department at 425-587-3900.

Keep snow and ice from blocking storm drains

  • Stand on sidewalk or parking strip (out of the road) and use a snow shovel or other tool to clear the snow and ice away. Try to safely clear a path for the runoff.
  • Clear your drain only if it is safe. Call 425-587-3900 if flooding is severe and you are unable to clear the drain.

Maintain your gutters and downspouts

  • Clear leaves and debris from your roof gutters and downspouts regularly.
    Inspect your gutters and downspouts for damage or leaks.
    Direct the water from your downspouts away from your foundation and property lines.
    Slow and spread the flow from downspouts with a splash block, rock or perforated pipe.

Maintain your drainage system

  • Check your property’s drainage system regularly to ensure it’s functioning, especially on commercial properties that have catch basins or other drainage systems. Maintaining these systems is the property owner’s responsibility.
  • The City of Kirkland routinely inspects all private stormwater systems (at least every 3 years).

Manage drainage on your property

  • Check your property for signs of water accumulation.
  • Test your sump pump to make sure it will be in good working order during a storm. Consider installing a pump with a battery backup for power outages.

Reduce runoff from your property

  • Build a rain garden or plant a tree in your yard.
  • Reduce paved areas or lawn around your home and replace it with native plants.
  • Install a cistern or rain barrel to collect rain water.
  • Disconnect your downspouts and direct this water to your landscaping.

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