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Entry Level Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
Entry Level:

   • How do I apply with your department?

Entry level officers can apply on line at  

   • Do I have to live within a certain distance from the city?

No. Officers live all over the Puget Sound Area.

   • How long must I be with the Kirkland Police Department before I can promote to a higher rank or move to a specialty position?

To be eligible for promotion to Corporal you need to have a minimum of three (3) years full time police experience as a commissioned police officer with the City of Kirkland. To be eligible for promotion to Sergeant you need a minimum of five (5) years full time experience as a commissioned police officer with four (4) years of service in Kirkland. You must be with the department for two years before testing for specialty assignments. Officers may test for training cadres at any time after the probationary period.

   • Hours of Work

Must be available to work 8 or 10 hour rotating shifts. Patrol Officers work four 10 hour shifts, followed by three days off.   
Officers work Monday - Thursday or Thursday - Sunday. Available shifts are days, swing, and nights, and are bid by seniority.

   • How long is field training?

All entry level officers have to complete a fifteen week Police Training Officers Program. During this period you will be teamed with different training officers learning the procedures and operations of the department.

   • How long is the Police Academy?kirkland_police_training6

Entry level officers will attend the 720hr Basic Law Enforcement Academy while being paid by the department. Kirkland Police Entry level officers commute daily to the academy for training. 

   • What does the physical fitness test consist of?

The physical fitness test consists of sit-ups, push-ups, a 1.5 mile run, and a 300meter dash. Find the complete information on the physical fitness testing.


The Physical Ability Test score for each test item is recorded and added on the individual participant's sheet. The passing score is 160, with the range of scores for each test between 30 and 50.

Example: The below measures are merely for illustration and are only approximate values.

   • Sit-Ups 34 = 40 Points.
   • Push-Ups 38 = 50 Points (Note that 34 and above receives the same maximum points)
   • 1.5-Mile Run 14:31 = 30 Points.
   • 300 Meter Dash 60 sec. = 45 Points.
   • Total Test battery score is 200 points.

The participant who scores below the 30-point level has failed the test but will be allowed to continue on the other test items with the option of re-test on any of the following: sit-ups and push-ups. The participant who scores above the 50-point level on a given test item will not be awarded more than that 50 points to apply towards the other test items.

   • What happens if I fail a portion of the testing process?

An applicant may re-apply with the department after six months from their previous test date if they fail a portion of the testing. An applicant receiving a permanent disqualification from the testing process may not re-apply with the department.

   • How many positions are available?

The department currently has five (5) positions available. We are looking at all candidates, lateral and entry level. 

   • When should I apply?

You can apply anytime after you have met the minimum requirements for the position. You may not apply in anticipation of meeting the minimum requirements sometime in the near future.

   • How long does the background investigation take?

Once an entry level applicant has completed the physical fitness test, written test, and oral interview with passing scores and is selected for a background investigation, the approximate time for the investigation is two months.

Police Department
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General Inquiries
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