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Animal Services

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Animal Services Dog at Customer Service Counter

Thank you for making the effort to license your pet. Your pet license allows the City to provide animal control services, reunification of lost petsanimal sheltering and care for the City’s stray animals, and it’s the law! 

The Animal Services Program is dedicated to serving Kirkland residents and their four-legged family members. Through our program we can provide a dedicated Animal Control Officer to serve the community’s needs. With expertise in both animal care and criminal justice, Animal Control Officer Jennifer Matison has hit the ground running since she was hired in 2017.

Having a local Animal Control Officer helps ensure that lost pets are returned to their owners swiftly. If properly licensed with a City of Kirkland pet license, lost pets can be easily identified by their license number and returned to their homes by ACO Matison. Additionally, Matison is trained to provide outreach, education and enforcement for animal concerns and regulations. 

In 2018, the first full year of the program, ACO Matison responded to 675 calls for service, reuniting a total of 49 pets with their owners. Additionally, Officer Matison attended 58 community events and meetings to provide education and outreach about pet licensing and domestic animal concerns.

In 2019, ACO Matison responded to a total of 887 calls for service and returned 49 lost animals to their owners. She attended 56 community events and meetings, each to provide education and outreach about pet licensing and domestic animal concerns. She responded to 27 dog bite complaints, 41 barking dog complaints and handled various cases of suspected neglect and hoarding, always working to balance the needs of the animals with compassion for the circumstances.

Previously administered through Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC), the City made the decision to implement its own animal services program to better serve Kirkland community members. Animal Services is part of the Kirkland Police Department, with support from other City departments as needed.

All pet license fees support Kirkland’s Animal Services Program. Love ‘em, License’em! 

For more information about Kirkland’s Animal Services Program and to learn more about ACO Matison, please enjoy the City's "Keeping our pets safe" video. 


Cat with license tags

Pet Licensing

Pet licenses provide identification if a family pet is lost and allow a quick reunification once the animal is found. If your pet is found and has a license, our Animal Control Officer will attempt to reunite you with your pet immediately, so you don’t have to go to the animal shelter to pick it up.

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Animal Sheltering

The City of Kirkland contracts with the Everett Animal Shelter (EAS) for the sheltering and care of the City’s stray animals.

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Animal Control Officer

Kirkland has its own Animal Control Officer! The ACO gives dedicated support to Kirkland community members, returns lost pets to their homes, and provides education and enforcement for domestic animal concerns and complaints.

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Police Department
11750 NE 118th St, Kirkland WA 98034

General Inquiries
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Non-emergency incident: 425-577-5656