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Kirkland’s Enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) Program

The City of Kirkland has implemented the first phase of its ambitious GIS program which now includes a wide variety of products and services.  The program, administered through the city’s Information Technology Department, includes expert staff, an annual work plan, executive participation in budget and program management, and easy access to the GIS database by hundreds of city staff.  Please contact GIS Administrator for more details on the city’s wealth of spatial data sets and diverse GIS initiatives.

Standard Products

The city GIS program is committed to providing access to its data resources, for external users as well as city staff.  Selected standard map products currently available through this Internet site are:

1. City of Kirkland Base Map
2. City of Kirkland Events Map
3. City of Kirkland Neighborhood Areas
4. City of Kirkland Land Use Map
5. City of Kirkland Hazardous Liquid Pipelines Map
6. City of Kirkland Sensitive Areas
7. City of Kirkland Emergency Routes
8. Solid Waste Service Collection Day
9. Water & Sewer Service Areas
10. City of Kirkland Zoning Map
11. City of Kirkland Walking Routes
12. City of Kirkland Downtown Map
13. City of Kirkland Flow Control Map
14. City of Kirkland SMA Designations Map
15. City of Kirkland Annexation History Map
16. City of Kirkland Orthophoto Map
17. City of Kirkland Topography Map
18. City of Kirkland Landslide Hazard Maps

Users are advised that these map images are of relatively low resolution for Internet publication; other options are available by contacting Public Records. Please request GIS data and maps from the public records request portal. Additional products will be available through this site in the near future.

To view maps, you must agree to the disclaimer below

GIS Product Suitability For Certain Uses
The city GIS Program works diligently to incorporate the best map sources that are generally available, on a reasonably timely update cycle. The program's products are intended to be used for general reference and analysis at medium map display scales, and do not provide either site-specific detail or survey-caliber accuracy. Requestors of city GIS data are advised that there are inherent limitations in all map information, digital or otherwise, and to be aware of these limitations as they use these products. Please click 'agree' to accept this disclaimer.

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Information Technology
123 5th Avenue, Kirkland WA 98033

General Inquiries
T. 425.587.3050 | F. 425.587.3055