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Short-Term Rentals in Kirkland

short term rental graphicThe City Council adopted an ordinance regulating short-term rentals in Kirkland in October 2017. The ordinance, O-4607, defines short-term rentals as a rental lasting for less than thirty days, as opposed to long-term rentals, which are defined as those lasting 30 days or more.

The ordinance primarily applies to single family residences. Multifamily residences are generally governed by the rules of the individual complex.

Residents should be aware, however, that the City of Kirkland requires business licenses for any commercial transaction, including all short-term and long-term rentals (including multifamily residences).

Current requirements to obtain a short-term rental business license for homes in Kirkland:

  1. The property owner, or an authorized agent, must occupy the property as a primary residence at least 245 days per year to enter into short-term rentals there.

  2. A property manager living within 15 miles of the residence must be identified for those days when neither the owner nor an authorized agent are occupying the property.

  3. The property owner must have a business license from the State of Washington.

  4. The property owner (or authorized agent) also must complete and submit a business license application for the City of Kirkland, and pay licensing fees.

  5. As part of the application, a declaration must be filled out and signed. If the applicant is not the owner, it must still be signed by the owner, as owners retain specified responsibilities in all events.

  6. Lodging taxes for short-term rentals must be paid to the State of Washington, and those payments are the responsibility of the property owner.




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