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Volunteer Opportunities (By Category)

Volunteer Opportunities

Great volunteer opportunities are available for diverse talents and interests. Most City of Kirkland volunteer opportunities require the On-going Volunteer Application. For a one-time volunteer opportunity/assignment, please use the One-Time Event Volunteer Service Agreement (PDF-162 kb). 

Environmental Stewardship Green KirklandEnvironmental Stewardship

The City offers several opportunities to help preserve, protect and enhance our parks, open spaces and natural environment. Note: Youth volunteers under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult when volunteering with the City’s Parks & Community Services Department. For volunteers ages 14-17, please bring this One-Time Event Volunteer Service Agreement (PDF-162 kb) with parent/guardian signature to the volunteer event.

Green Kirkland Partnership works to restore natural areas in the City. Many volunteer events are planned in parks all around the City. These are considered 'one-time' volunteer opportunities. City contact: Jeremy Jones at 425-587-3306.

Park maintenance projects often need volunteers to plant, weed, and reforest landscaping areas in City parks and natural areas and occasionally at City facilities. Those interested in the outdoors, gardening or plants are encouraged to volunteer. Many opportunities are considered 'one-time' group opportunities; however, there is also a need for regular/monthly individual and group volunteers. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Volunteer Eagle ScoutsEagle Scout & School Capstone Projects are the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression in the City. A limited number of projects are accepted at any one time. Contact: Ryan Fowler at 425-587-3399.

Adopt a Traffic Circle is a great way to keep Kirkland attractive by maintaining the traffic circles in our intersections. Help is needed to weed, clear, and maintain traffic circles in all areas of the city. Adopt one and make it your own and help us keep it maintained. Contact: David Gourlie at 425-587-3867.

Storm Drain Marking volunteers (individuals or groups) are needed to assist the City in marking the remaining street storm drains. We provide you pre-printed "Only rain down the drain" decals and an assigned area, and on your own schedule, you affix decals during dry conditions. Great for teen-parent and small groups. Considered 'one-time' opportunities. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Cross Kirkland Corridor, Adopt-a-Trail. Currently, all 23 trail sections are adopted. In addition to regular City staff maintenance of the CKC Interim Trail, volunteers have adopted quarter-mile segments, pledged to remove litter twice a year, and also have the option of doing a yearly invasive plants removal event in their segment. Adopters include Kirkland neighborhood associations, businesses, individuals, families and community service groups. Some trail sections are currently available for adoption. Check out the Adopt-a-Trail Map (PDF-802 kb) and read the Adoption FAQ (PDF-253 kb). Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Public Safety

Volunteers are a vital part of the City’s public safety efforts.

Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART) DART is currently NOT accepting new volunteers. Support local victims of domestic violence. DART is a partnership between local law enforcement and the community to address and prevent domestic violence. DART volunteers provide crisis intervention and support to victims of domestic violence following police involvement, and assist victims during the court process. . Questions? Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Volunteer Police ExplorerPolice Youth Explorers are youth-aged (ages 14–21) volunteers who receive extensive law enforcement training to perform traffic control, special events, and other assignments. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012. 

Speed Watch volunteers support the Kirkland Police Department by monitoring vehicular speeds using handheld radar units in neighborhood, school and known problem areas. Flexible schedules available; 2–3 hours per week. Currently not accepting additional volunteers. To be added to the waitlist, please contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012. 

Kirkland Emergency Communications Team (KECT)
KECT ham radio operators provide communications support to the City during emergencies and works with the Office of Emergency Management. Those interested in joining are invited to attend a KECT meeting. Contact: Kirkland Emergency Management.

Fire Corps  Fire Corps is currently not accepting new volunteers. Fire Corps consists of volunteers dedicated to the community by partnering with the Fire Department to create a safer community. Volunteers support the Fire Department in a variety of non-emergency activities such as fire and injury prevention education, incident support, emergency management, community relations, administrative support. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
CERT members are prepared to help respond in their community during an emergency. Volunteers can continue to support the CERT program after completing the CERT training by assisting with class delivery, supporting neighborhood CERT teams, and doing outreach within the community. Contact: Kirkland Emergency Management.

Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)  No Volunteer Assignments
The Kirkland Fire EMT Volunteer program ended December 15, 2014. Questions? Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Adopt a Pedestrian Flagged Crosswalk is a program where residents can make a big difference in a small amount of time. Volunteers “adopt” a crosswalk by ensuring there are always orange/yellow “pedflags” available at marked crosswalks throughout Kirkland. The flags assist pedestrians in alerting drivers to their presence when crossing the street. You may have one in your neighborhood or along your favorite walking route that is currently in need of a volunteer. Contact: David Gourlie at 425-587-3867.

Administrative/Customer Service Support

Office Assistant: Numerous City departments engage a limited number of volunteers to assist with basic office assistance, such as mailings, copying, filing and word processing. Office volunteers generally have once-a-week assignments averaging three hours. As a popular assignment, openings are infrequent but we can place your name on a waitlist. Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

City Hall Front Reception Assistant: This team of volunteers (and staff) is essential to City Hall’s customer service initiative. Front desk assistants greet customers in person and by phone and refer them to appropriate staff and department for answers and resources. The learning curve is steep in this challenging volunteer assignment, so we start with a two-week training/shadowing experience. You learn a lot about City government. Time commitment is one shift per week, two hours minimum. Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Unpaid Internship: Unpaid internships are occasionally available in certain departments. Available only to currently-enrolled students with a school learning requirement. Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Senior Programs and Youth Recreation

Sports Coaches or Leaders: Volunteer your time as a team coach or sports class leader. Options include Pee Wee Soccer (April–May; Sep-Oct), Pee Wee Basketball (Jan-Feb; Nov-Dec) and Youth Basketball (December–March) and Pee Wee Multi-sport (March). Pee Wee is ages 3-6; Youth is 3rd-6th grades. Please contact Sean Conway.

Aqua Leaders (or Junior Lifeguard): See “Teen” opportunities below.

Senior Lunch Assistant:  The Senior Lunch program is in partnership with Catholic Community Services and takes place every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at Peter Kirk Community Center; the assignment is 10:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. Requires a Washington state food handler’s permit.  For current volunteer openings, please contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Senior Clinic Assistant: This program is currently on hold. At Peter Kirk Community (Senior) Center.

Juanita Friday Market: (Summer only) Assist Parks staff to set-up before each outdoor community market, during the event and/or with event take-down afterward. Friday afternoons at Juanita Beach Park from early June through late September. Contact Tina Lathia at 425-587-3385.

Multimedia Services

Periodically, there are openings for additional photographers and videographers. If this is your field of interest, please contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012 for the latest opportunities.

Teen-specific Volunteer Opportunities

Green Kirkland Partnership Habitat Restoration: Please see “Environmental Stewardship” above.

Aqua Leaders (or Junior Lifeguard): Available only to those ages 12–15. Learn alongside City aquatic staff and gain lifeguarding and swim instruction experience. Contact Max Prophet.

Kirkland Police Youth Explorers: Please see in “Public Safety” section above.

Teen Media Assistant: The City reserves one volunteer spot in Multimedia specifically for a local teen. This is a great opportunity to learn about video editing and production. This teen must make a one-year commitment of 8–10 hours per month. Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Kirkland Teen Traffic Court: All Green Kirkland Partnership outdoor habitat restoration volunteer projects have been approved for satisfying teen traffic court requirements. Please consult Green Kirkland’s list of upcoming volunteer events and register in advance. The teen is responsible for recording their volunteer time and getting requisite signatures.

For additional local volunteer opportunities specifically for teens, please review the “Where to Care” (PDF-262 kb) resource booklet assembled by the Kirkland Youth Council.

One-time Event Volunteer Opportunities within Kirkland

Kirkland Area Events: If you like the flexibility of one-day commitments and the ability to pick-and-choose dates, then event volunteering is a good option. To receive an email announcement of upcoming Kirkland-based one-time event volunteer opportunities, please sign up on the City’s Volunteer Opportunities ListServ. This announcement generally goes out twice per month.


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