Suspicious Incident at EvergreenHealth Campus

Published on June 02, 2022


Media Contact:
Sue Romero
Public Information Officer
(425) 979-6562

Case/Incident #22-18836

Just after 2:30 p.m. today, Kirkland Police Department (KPD) responded to several reports of a suspicious incident at the DeYoung Pavilion on the campus of EvergreenHealth Medical Center.

A patient who arrived for an appointment at the DeYoung Pavilion was in possession of a firearm spring and barrel. Upon contact, the person did not have a functioning weapon.

A hospital staff member who saw the firearm spring and barrel reported it to security, who then notified KPD.

The incident set off the building alarm, which prompted evacuation of the DeYoung Pavilion, not the main Medical Center building. The surrounding streets were closed as police did a security check of the building. 

No active threat was found.

KPD received more than 900 calls to 911 in two hours about this incident.