Protect Against Package Theft

Published on December 12, 2022

Porch with package

For many, the holidays may mean spending time with loved ones and friends – and shopping for them online. The result is more packages at your front door and the potential for package theft. A recent survey found that 26% of Americans have had a package stolen from their doorstep.  

Kirkland Police Department has some tips to help you protect your deliveries this season: 

Check with neighbors. Sometimes, your package may not be stolen, but at the wrong address. Check with your neighbors and see if the delivery was dropped off at the wrong address. Many delivery companies will take pictures of your package in the designated location – be sure to check for the photo and verify it’s at the right spot. 

Don’t leave unattended packages for long. When possible, attempt to schedule its delivery when you know you’ll be home, or ask your neighbors if they can hold on to them if you plan to be gone for the holidays. 

Ship to a store or a locker. If purchasing an item from a retailer that has a physical location or locker near your home, consider shipping it there instead. Retailers will require proof of purchase, ID or a code before releasing packages, and this is a sure way to avoid package theft. 

Use a security camera - and make it obvious. Installing a home security system with cameras or simply a camera-enabled doorbell is a great way to deter package theft, especially when highly visible. Someone thinking of stealing your package might see the security camera and think again. 

Require a signature. Many delivery companies include the option to require a signature before leaving a package, letting you take physical possession of the item as soon as it’s delivered.  

Happy Holidays! 

KPD Chief Cherie Harris

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