New Vehicle Charging Stations Activated for the City of Kirkland Fleet

Published on April 22, 2021

Blue electric car parked by a charging station at City Hall

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Joy Johnston
Interim Communications Program Manager


City Celebrates Earth Day with a Step Toward Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

KIRKLAND, Wash. – Today, April 22, 2021, the City of Kirkland took another step toward fulfilling goals of the Sustainability Master Plan adopted in December 2020 by activating new electric vehicle charging stations for the City’s fleet. Four new charging stations are now operating at City Hall and ten more charging stations will be operational within the next month. The City of Kirkland’s commitment to greenhouse gas emission reduction has been a key part of fleet vehicle acquisition and future purchase planning.

“Continuing to green the City’s fleet is an exciting way for the City of Kirkland to mark Earth Day,” said Kirkland City Councilmember Kelli Curtis. “Transportation alone accounts for about half of Kirkland’s community greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of many actions that the City of Kirkland is embarking on to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and improve air quality.”

The vehicle charging station project constructed by A&R Solar with the help of MZ Solar Consulting expands the City’s sustainable fleet capability and goals.  To continue to make progress toward Kirkland’s emission reduction goals, the City has begun to replace light-duty administration vehicles with full electric vehicles. Currently, the City of Kirkland has 12 electric vehicles in use, in addition to 24 hybrid light duty vehicles. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, there will be multiple options for replacing vehicles that have reached the end of their useful lives with electric vehicles, such as heavy-duty class 5-8 trucks.

For over 20 years, the City of Kirkland has implemented various policies, regulations, and programs to protect the natural environment. The City’s best defense against climate change comes from fostering a resilient natural environment, planning thoughtfully, and engaging with the community. In 2020, the City Council adopted a Sustainability Master Plan, a plan to identify community priorities for environmental, economic, and social sustainability; explore specific actions that the City might undertake to support the identified priorities; and prioritize the action items in a clear implementation plan.  More information about the Sustainability Master Plan can be found at

At its regular meeting on April 20, 2021, the Kirkland City Council proclaimed April 2021 as Earth Month in Kirkland, an annual event inspiring environmental awareness education and activism in communities across the nation. The City of Kirkland invites community members to celebrate Earth Month by taking part in opportunities throughout the month of April to learn about recycling, natural yard care, and how to make their homes more “green.” Learn more and find ways to participate at


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