Kirkland Police to Host Third Guns for Gift Cards Exchange

Published on October 13, 2022

Image of two unloaded handguns

Media Contact:
Sue Romero
Communications Program Coordinator
(425) 587-3017

The Kirkland Police Department (KPD) will host its third Guns for Gift Cards exchange on Saturday, October 29.  This event builds on the success of the two exchanges held this year in June and July.

“We had overwhelming positive response at our earlier events,” said Councilmember Neal Black. “It’s great for residents to have an extra incentive to voluntarily relinquish unwanted guns to help reduce the likelihood of accidental injuries and deaths, deaths from suicide, and thefts of unsecured firearms.”

The next Guns for Gift Cards exchange will be Saturday, October 29, 2022, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Kirkland Justice Center (KJC), located at 11750 NE 118th Street in Kirkland.

As with the first two exchanges, no registration is required. However, proof of Kirkland residency -such as a utility bill - is required to participate. Police staff will review the provided address to confirm residency. Participant identity is otherwise anonymous, as staff will not log any identifying information. Please note: there are security cameras at the KJC for public safety.

Participants are asked to bring unloaded guns they wish to trade in for Visa gift cards by following these instructions:

  • Stay in your vehicle when you arrive at the KJC
  • Gun(s) must be unloaded
  • Gun(s) must be in the trunk or backseat of your vehicle, or otherwise out of reach

Depending on the type of gun(s) relinquished, participants may receive gift cards worth $25 to $250.

Results from KPD’s two past Guns for Gift Cards exchanges on June 25 and July 20 were:

  • 91 firearms (first event) + 60 firearms (second event) =   151 firearms relinquished
  • $11,375 (first event) + $6,975 (second event) =                $18,350 in gift cards exchanged

This Guns for Gift Cards exchange is part of KPD’s ongoing efforts to reduce gun violence and unwanted firearms in our community.  KPD also offers in-person gun safety classes with participants receiving a free gun safe, free gun locks, and a series of firearms safety videos.  All of these firearm safety programs are funded by Police Proposition 1, approved by Kirkland voters in 2018, which has allowed the City to make several enhancements to community safety.

For more details, see KPD’s Guns for Gift Cards page.