Help Us Update Kirkland’s Pet Licensing Program

Published on June 06, 2024

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Media Contact:
Sue Romero
Communications Program Coordinator
(425) 587-3017

Kirkland is a community that loves our pets, with off-leash dog parks to pet-friendly businesses. And our community members – pet owners and non-pet folks alike - recognize the importance of making sure lost pets stay safe and can be reunited with their worried owners. To continue to cherish Kirkland’s pets, we are making some changes to our current Pet Licensing Program, and we’d love your input on how we might improve it.

“Licensing a pet isn’t just for owners. It’s for the pets, themselves, and it’s for anyone who’s ever come across a lost or injured pet in Kirkland,” said Kirkland City Councilmember Neal Black. “Letting us know how we might make the Pet Licensing Program even better is a way community members can help us ensure that the program benefits the whole community.  Whether it’s keeping escaped indoor pets off busy streets, supporting our new Animal Control Officer to respond to calls and investigate reports of animal cruelty, or, of course, giving lost pets a free ride home, we want to understand our community’s interests as we improve the program.”

Over the next two weeks you may get a call, text or email asking you to participate in a pet licensing survey - please consider participating.  If you are not contacted in the next couple of weeks, you can still give your feedback by taking our short survey here: Kirkland Pet Licensing Community Survey

Did You Know?

The City now offers text updates from our Animal Control Officer Angela Arnold about pet licensing, lost pets and more. Sign up today by texting ‘PETS’ to (425) 490-8326. 

For more information, please visit Kirkland's Animal Services webpage or contact Animal Control Officer Angela Arnold at