Help Guide How the City Protects Our Lakes and Streams

Published on February 03, 2022

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David Wolbrecht
Communications Program Manager

KIRKLAND, Wash. – The City of Kirkland has posted its draft Stormwater Management Program Plan and invites community members to review and submit comments or suggestions by March 1, 2022. The draft plan describes potential actions that the City could take to reduce stormwater pollution and protect our lakes and streams.

Stormwater pollution is a leading cause of pollution reaching Kirkland creeks, lakes and wetlands.  This pollution comes from everyday activities such as driving, yard care, pet waste management, car washing, and land development. Preventing stormwater pollution involves reducing the amount of pollution that we put onto the landscape (source control) and removing contaminants from runoff before it reaches local waters (treatment). 

Kirkland operates under a state-issued permit that allows the City to discharge stormwater from its public drainage system into rivers, lakes, and streams as long as the City implements programs and works with its residents and businesses to reduce pollutants in stormwater. The City’s draft 2022 Stormwater Management Program Plan describes actions that the City will take in 2022 and beyond to maintain compliance with the permit and protect our lakes and streams.  Examples of these actions are public education around natural yard care and vehicle maintenance, tracing and halting spills or dumping of pollutants to the municipal stormwater system, reviewing development plans to control stormwater pollution at construction sites, and maintaining the City’s network of stormwater pipes, ditches, and ponds.

The draft 2022 Stormwater Management Program Plan is available online at Comments can be provided via e-mail to For more information about the City’s Storm and Surface Water Management Programs, visit  To learn more about the State Department of Ecology stormwater permit, search “Phase II Western WA Municipal Stormwater Permit” at