Gun Safety Reminder: Free Gun Locks

Published on November 17, 2022

gun lock with gun.jpg

Since voters approved the Enhanced Police Safety Services and Community Safety ballot measure (Prop 1) in 2018, the Kirkland Police Department has been providing additional gun safety services for the community – such as free gun locks. 

One of the goals of Prop 1 is to provide gun safety information in order to reduce accidental injuries and deaths involving firearms. As part of the program, KPD offers complimentary gun locks to those who request one. If you live in Kirkland and would like a free gun lock, please email: and include your name and mailing address. 

Prop 1 has also allowed the KPD to create an educational video series about firearm safety, including firearm responsibilities, liabilities, and laws around firearm ownership, as well as safe storage and using gun locks.  

Up next: KPD Gun Safety Class, November 30. Stay tuned for details. 

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