City to continue display of “I eat trucks” banner

Published on January 13, 2023

City of Kirkland logo

The City of Kirkland has received questions regarding the removal of the “I eat trucks” banner at the Cross Kirkland Corridor overpass bridge at Kirkland Way and Railroad Ave. 

The City will be continuing the display of this banner. 

The City Council is considering updates to the City’s banner policy at its January 17, 2023, meeting.  If the new policy is adopted, this banner would likely not be in compliance with it.  However, the City appreciates our community members’ creativity and commitment to public safety that is embodied by the banner.  As such, the City is determining the next best steps to keep the banner displayed on the bridge while also complying with all relevant City regulations. 

In the meantime, the banner is intended to stay displayed on the bridge, and the City will be in communication with the banner creator(s).  The banner may at some point be taken down temporarily for inspection or other action needed to ensure that it complies with all relevant City regulations.  

For more information, please contact Communications Program Manager David Wolbrecht at

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