City Council Recap September 6, 2022

Published on September 07, 2022

City Council meeting at City Hall September 6 2022

The Kirkland City Council met on September 6, 2022, in a hybrid meeting. Here’s a brief overview of some of the items from the meeting:

Resolution R-5434 Two-Year Review – The Council received a two-year review of the City’s progress implementing Resolution R-5434 and agreed with the staff recommendation to remove the standing Resolution R-5434 update under “Item 7. Special Presentations” from the Council meeting agenda. Updates and actions related to R-5434 will occur as part of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 5-Year Equity Roadmap as described at the end of the memo.

Kirkland Community Biennial Survey Results – The Council received and discussed the results of the biennial community survey conducted by EMC Research and the online version of the same survey published by the City. The City conducts a community survey every other year to gauge resident satisfaction with City services and to help establish priorities for the biennial budget.

Public Hearing – The Council held a public hearing on the proposed Planned Action Ordinance for Google’s development of an office campus on the Lee Johnson site within the NE 85th St Station Area.  Following the public hearing, the Council adopted Ordinance O-4809.

Prior to the above business agenda, the Council held a Study Session starting at 5:30 p.m., where they discussed three different topics: 

  • Solid Waste reserve policy options. 
  • Current and proposed alternative methodology to calculate water, sewer, and surface water capital facility charges. 
  • An overview of the 2023 Draft Surface Water Master Plan and the future level of service for the Surface Water Utility.

How to watch: Kirkland City Council meetings are streamed live and can be watched after the fact on the City of Kirkland Facebook page and the City YouTube channel, in addition to the livestream on the City websitePlease note that this meeting was not streamed to YouTube due to a technical error. Meetings are also televised on Comcast Cable Channel 21 and Ziply Cable Channel 31.

To watch the Council discussions on the specific agenda items outlined above, visit the City’s website. The full agenda packet with information on each item is located on the City’s website.

The next regular City Council meeting is on September 20, 2022.

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