Plastic Bag, Film, and Mailing Envelope Recycling

collection of plastic bags and plastic film including a shipping envelope Plastic bags cannot be recycled in your curbside recycling containers because they cause significant problems at the recycling facility, wrapping around the machinery and halting sorting operations. You can drop off clean plastic bags and film at special collection locations to be recycled. Plastic bags can also be thrown away in your garbage.

Drop Off Plastic Bags, Film and Mailing Envelopes for Recycling

Many grocery stores accept plastic bags for recycling. Bundle your clean bread bags, newspaper bags, produce bags, dry cleaning bags, all-plastic mailing envelopes (throw away paper bubble mailers), overwrap and more to return to stores. All items must be clean, empty and dry.

See all accepted items, and find more locations beyond Kirkland, at

bag-your-bags.jpg(PDF, 218KB)

Check at your preferred grocery store to see if they accept plastic bags and film for recycling. These locations at Fred Meyer, QFC and Safeway were confirmed to have plastic bag recycling stations as of April 2021 (hover or click for details):

Recycling Plastic Film at Events

We encourage you to make use of permanent drop-off locations when possible.

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