Mattress and Furniture Disposal


There are not many recycling options for mattresses. They are time-consuming to disassemble, so very few companies offer recycling service because the materials are typically not worth enough to balance the labor costs.

Mattress Recycling

You can recycle mattresses at our annual Recycling Collection Events. There is a small pass-through charge to recycle mattresses and box springs at these events. Check our website for dates or sign up for email reminders about Kirkland recycling events.

Mattress Disposal

The rest of the year, you may need to dispose of your mattress or box spring as garbage. If you live in a single-family home, you can request a curbside pickup for a fee. These mattresses are disposed at the landfill. To schedule pickup, contact Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995.

You can also dispose of mattresses as garbage at King County Transfer Stations. Houghton Transfer Station is located in the Bridle Trails neighborhood of Kirkland. A minimum fee applies per entry, and covers the first 320 pounds of material.


We encourage you to donate, give away, or sell used furniture that is still in usable condition. Reusing big items like furniture prevents a lot of environmental impacts and extends the life of the item as well as all the materials that went into making it. Reuse is the best environmental choice for furniture that is not broken.

Furniture Donation + Reuse

Consider donating usable, unbroken furniture to secondhand stores. Pick-up donation services like the Northwest Center may accept some smaller furniture items. We encourage you to call in advance to confirm they'll accept your upholstered items in particular. They typically do not accept mattresses for donation.

Use community sharing websites to give away furniture you no longer want. Join your neighborhood's Buy Nothing Facebook group to give items away to your neighbors. One person's trash is another's treasure! Others may be interested in upcycling furniture that's out of style with new paint or upholstery.

Do not leave your unwanted furniture on the roadside or other public places. This is considered illegal dumping.

Recycling Metal Furniture

Metal furniture such as filing cabinets and metal chairs may be recycled as scrap metal for free at Factoria Transfer Station in Bellevue and at Shoreline Transfer Station.

Furniture Disposal

Waste Management can pick up bulky items from the curb for a fee. They are thrown away at the landfill, not recycled or reused. To schedule pickup, call Waste Management at 1-800-592-9995.

You can also dispose of furniture as garbage at King County Transfer Stations, including Houghton Transfer Station in Kirkland. A minimum entry fee applies, and covers the first 320 pounds of material.