Battery Recycling

batteries spread over white surface

City Hall and community center battery drop-offs are currently closed. Please do not leave batteries outside. Throw them away or see recycling options below.

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Household batteries contain mercury and other hazardous materials. They should be recycled whenever possible to protect our waterways. Recycling batteries allows the materials to be reused to make things like steel rebar.

Recycle Household Batteries in Kirkland

Bring your household alkaline batteries to the following locations in Kirkland for recycling. Please empty your batteries into the recycling containers; do not leave them in bags. In 2017, Kirkland residents recycled 11,075 pounds of batteries at these drop-off locations!

Large batteries such as car batteries are NOT accepted at these locations, and should be brought to Factoria Household Hazardous Waste.

Downtown Kirkland Battery Recycling

recycling-center.jpg City facilities are currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus, so those battery recycling locations are not available. Do not leave batteries outside.

More Battery Recycling Locations Outside Kirkland

We recommend that you call private businesses to confirm they're currently accepting batteries before making a trip.

Find more locations to recycle batteries, and options for large batteries, at What Do I Do With and Call2Recycle.