NE 131st Way / 90th Ave NE Multimodal Corridor Study

Developing ideas to improve safety for walking and biking along NE 131st Way / 90th Ave NE and fix drainage problems

Online Public Engagement on Dec 3, 2020

City and consultant staff presented progress on this study project and received input during an online session via Zoom on December 3, 2020. The recording of this session is available in the following video along with the presentation slides in PDF format(PDF, 4MB).

Study Overview

City staff and community members completed the Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan in 2018, which is now part of the Kirkland Comprehensive Plan. The Finn Hill Neighborhood Plan calls for a study of the NE 131st Way / 90th Ave NE corridor to make it safer for people walking, jogging, and biking. This corridor is one of the primary routes for residents of Juanita and Finn Hill to access shops, schools, and other services.

Working with community members, the City of Kirkland and its consultant, Otak Inc., are producing concepts for pedestrian and bicycle safety improvements and solutions to stormwater drainage concerns.

Council provided funding for this study; however, there is no funding allocated yet toward constructing the recommended project(s) it will generate. The project(s) could eventually be funded via the Capital Improvement Program and grants.

131-90 NE Corridor study area.jpg
Next Steps
• Finalizing concepts and prepare planning level cost estimates
• Continuing design and outreach as part of CIP project