Neighborhood Traffic Control

The Neighborhood Traffic Control Program was established over 20 years ago to work with residents to identify effective ways to calm traffic on non-arterial residential streets. Strategies involved low cost approaches such as neighborhood education, pavement striping and markings, signage, and using the portable radar trailers. In some cases, strategies would include permanent radar speed check signs, speed cushions, traffic circles/islands, and curb bulbs. The restrictive permanent measures required broad outreach and strong local neighborhood and key stakeholder consensus-based support. The Program, which consisted of one part-time employee, helped residents through this extensive process.

On August 1, 2020, the City of Kirkland suspended the Program because of budget shortfalls and staffing reductions related to the COVID-19 pandemic economic downturn.

While this Program is suspended, the City continues to maintain several other programs devoted to neighborhood safety, including:

• Neighborhood Safety Program
• Safer Routes to School Action Plans
• Active Transportation Plan
• Vision Zero

Contact Police Non-Emergency Line

Residents with traffic concerns that require police enforcement, such as illegal parking, abandoned vehicles, drivers not stopping at stop signs and trailer parking, please contact the Kirkland Police Department directly at the non-emergency phone number at 425-577-5656.

Specific Requests 

Residents with specific neighborhood traffic concerns may submit a request through the City's Our Kirkland portal. Staff will continue to work with residents and neighborhoods to post the radar speed trailer and conduct traffic speed and volume studies. However, please keep in mind, due to reduced staffing, City response for future requests may be slower.