Traffic Count and Crash Analysis Summaries

The City implements a traffic count program every other year. A traffic count consultant company is hired to collect and summarize various types of counts including:

  1. Mid-block mid-week daily vehicle counts at over 200 locations
  2. Seasonal mid-block seven-day counts at 17 locations
  3. AM and PM peak intersection turning movement counts (including vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist) at approximately 65 signalized intersection

The City uses the seven-day seasonal count data to develop adjustment factors that account for seasonal and weekday traffic volumes variation. The adjustment factors and the mid-block daily vehicle counts are then used to estimate the Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes on the City’s streets. The results are shown in the Average Daily Traffic in Both Directions table(PDF, 283KB). The AM and PM peak signalized intersection counts are also included in this section.

The City uses Crossroads Analytics crash analysis software to keep track of vehicle crashes that occur on streets located within City limits (crashes on I-405 are not included). The City uses crash data to determine city-wide safety trends and crash rates for street segments and intersections. This information is then used to identify locations experiencing a high crash incidence and/or specific crash patterns. A summary of signalized intersection crash rates is included below.

Average Daily Traffic in Both Directions 2001 - 2019(PDF, 283KB)

Intersection Turning Movement Counts 2019(PDF, 1MB)

Crash Analysis Summaries 2015 - 2019(PDF, 114KB)