Surface Water Master Plan Update


Are you interested in protecting in-stream habitat for our local fish and wildlife? Do you want to ensure that pollutants stay out of our local waterways? Are you concerned about flooding issues in Kirkland? Then we want your input!

Kirkland’s Storm & Surface Water Division is updating the City’s Surface Water Master Plan and we need your input to develop an effective plan.

The 2023 Draft Surface Water Master Plan is Now Available.

Explore the Surface Water Master Plan Project Hub

Read the Full Plan(PDF, 33MB)


How Can You Help?

Explore the Surface Water Master Plan Project Hub

The comment period for the Draft Surface Water Master Plan is now closed. The Final Plan will be available after adoption by City Council in late 2022. 

We always welcome comments about the work, priorities, and goals of the Storm & Surface Water Division. You can email comments to or leave a voicemail with your comments at 425-587-3820.

What Happens Next?

  • 9/1/22 - Draft Surface Water Master Plan is published
  • 9/6/22 - City Council reviews the Draft Plan
  • September - December 2022 - Staff incorporate community and Council feedback to create Final Plan. Staff re-engage with Council on draft plan as requested.
  • December 2022 - Final Surface Water Master Plan is adopted by City Council. 

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What is Kirkland's Storm & Surface Water Division?

Kirkland Public Works' Storm & Surface Water Division works to:

Reduce flooding in our streets and neighborhoods

Improve the water quality in our creeks, lakes, and wetlands

Ensure the proper operation of all public and private stormwater systems in Kirkland

Improve in-stream habitat conditions for fish and wildlife

…for our community and future generations.

You can see us in the community as we fix drainage problems, prevent water pollution, and maintain the stormwater drainage system. These services are funded by a utility charge paid by property owners in Kirkland.

What is Kirkland's Surface Water Master Plan?

The Surface Water Master Plan is a five to ten-year strategic plan for managing storm and surface water in Kirkland. It outlines the priorities and needs of surface water related programs and projects to ensure:

  • Effective natural resource and infrastructure management
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
  • Coordination with internal and external partners responsible for storm and surface water management.

City code (KMC 15.52.030) requires that a Plan be developed by the City and adopted by the Kirkland City Council.

Why is the Surface Water Master Plan being updated?

The current Surface Water Master Plan(PDF, 33MB) was last updated in 2014. The City has since implemented many of the programs and projects in that Plan.

We are updating the Plan to:

  • Confirm Division goals and policies
  • Assess current challenges and opportunities
  • Evaluate the impact of local, state, and federal regulatory programs on the Storm and Surface Water program
  • Update the inventory and condition of stormwater infrastructure and identify infrastructure needs
  • Outline recommended programs and projects
  • Evaluate rates and revenue necessary to support the projects and programs of the Division.