Spinney Homestead Park Rainwater Management Project

Spinney Homestead Park

What is this project?

The City of Kirkland is studying the feasibility of installing an underground rainwater storage vault at Spinney Homestead Park to reduce rainwater runoff and address water quality and flooding concerns.

Why is it happening?

This project will control the flow of rainwater runoff and improve water quality in the Forbes Creek watershed. These measures will work toward balancing out the negative environmental impacts of development and restoring the health of the Forbes Creek watershed. 

Much of the area surrounding Spinney Homestead Park was developed before we knew of the need for rainwater management. Rainwater runoff from 53 acres surrounding Spinney Homestead Park flows untreated through pipes directly to Forbes Creek. 

When is it happening?

The Spinney Homestead Park rainwater management project has multiple phases.

We are in the first phase of the project. Focus of this phase includes a basic feasibility analysis to determine how much rainwater runoff can be routed to the site and an initial size estimate for the storage vault.

Future phases include developing 10% conceptual designs, 30% conceptual designs, and construction. 

How can I be involved?

We can work together for cleaner water and a healthier environment. As the project develops, the City will have multiple opportunities for community involvement including surveys, community and online open-house events, neighborhood outreach, and more. 

It is our goal to develop plans for facilities that will meet community needs and interests.