Textile Recycling

putting a finger through a hole in ripped jeans Did you know you can recycle torn, stained and mis-matched clothes and linens? The average person throws out 81 pounds of usable textiles a year! Instead of trashing damaged textiles, donate them for recycling. Damaged textiles can be reused as rags for painting and recycled into carpet padding and insulation. Only throw away textiles that are wet, mildewed, or contaminated with hazardous materials.

Drop-Off Textile Recycling with Threadcycle

threadcycle-logo.jpg In Kirkland, Goodwill accepts textile donations for recycling. There is also a textile dropbox at the Houghton Transfer Station. All textiles, even worn out and stained, can be recycled at participating Threadcycle locations. Find more drop-off locations in the Seattle area, and get more information about the Threadcycle program, at kingcounty.gov/threadcycle.