Snow shovel giveaway


The giveaway is now over and all the shovels are gone.  Thank you to all of those who came out.

Have a safe winter!


To prepare for winter, the City is piloting a snow shovel giveaway program.

While supplies last, residents may receive a new, free snow shovel.

Shovels are limited to Kirkland residents and one free shovel per household.

Residents can acquire their shovels by visiting a nearby City facility, such as a fire station, a maintenance facility or City Hall, on specific to-be-determined dates.

The giveaway is part of an effort aimed at encouraging community members to fulfill their responsibilities by maintaining sections of public rights-of-way that are adjacent to their homes. These responsibilities include:

  • Trimming or removing vegetation that overhangs or obstructs sidewalks, streets, or alleys
  • Keeping sidewalks clear of leaves and
  • Shoveling snow and ice from sidewalks.

This keeps sidewalks and streets safe for those with visual impairment, who are pushing strollers, traveling by wheelchair, bicycle or by foot.

Many residents may not own a snow shovel because our region experiences mild winters. But, with changes to our climate, we’re seeing more frequent snowstorm events with snow and ice lasting consecutive days or weeks.


Question and Answer

Q: I missed the last shovel giveaway on September 9.  Will you have another event?

A: Yes and the dates, time and locations will be posted on our website


Q: Are there any requirements to get a shovel?

A: We will require proof or Kirkland residency (government issued ID and/or billing statement) when you come to collect your shovel


Q: May I get more than one shovel?

A: It is strictly one shovel per household


Q: What if I am unable to make it to the next event?  May I call and reserve a shovel?

A: The shovels have to be picked up in person and only during the date and time of the event.  We are doing several of these events so there will be several opportunities to get one.


Q: Can I offer to purchase an additional shovel?

A: Unfortunately these are not intended for sale and it is only one shovel per household