Police Public Comment Form

If this is an emergency or you are requesting a police response to address a problem, call 911.


The Kirkland Police Department welcomes feedback from our community members and visitors.  Our mission is to protect and serve with honor, integrity, and courage and our vision is to proactively reduce crime through partnerships and teamwork.

Each year we have thousands of contacts with our community. Our Officers often interact with members of the community in their most vulnerable moments, during stressful, even volatile situations. We encourage active feedback from community members that have had a positive experience with a member of our police department or feel a difficult situation was handled in a manner that exceeded expectations.

The Kirkland Police Department also takes seriously all complaints regarding the service provided by the Department and the conduct of its members.  The Department will accept and address all complaints of misconduct in accordance with their policies and applicable federal, state, and local law, municipal and county rules, and the requirements of any memorandum of understanding or collective bargaining agreements.  It is also the policy of the Department to ensure that the community can report misconduct without concern for reprisal or retaliation.

Per Police Department policy, all complaints from community members will be courteously accepted by any Department member and promptly given to the appropriate supervisor. Additionally, any Department member becoming aware of alleged misconduct must immediately notify a supervisor.  Supervisors must initiate a complaint based upon observed misconduct or receipt from any source alleging misconduct that, if true, could result in disciplinary action.  If a supervisor is not immediately available to take an oral complaint, the receiving member must obtain contact information sufficient for the supervisor to contact the complainant. The supervisor, upon contact with the complainant, must then complete and submit an entry into the Department's electronic tracking system as appropriate.  In addition, anonymous and third-party complaints should be accepted and investigated to the extent that sufficient information is provided.


Online Police Public Comment Form