Courtroom 3 Virtual Hearing Instructions



Your hearing will be conducted by virtual appearance, please refer to your hearing notice for date, time

and case number. Please call or log in from your computer at least 10 minutes before your scheduled

hearing and wait for court personnel to check you in.


To join the ZOOM hearing:

Go to:

To download desktop software or mobile apps, go to:

Join Courtroom 3 hearing by typing in the:

Meeting ID: 477 941 9397

Password: 174383

To appear by video, you will need to have an electronic device with internet connection. You may use a smart phone, iPad/tablet or computer with a microphone, speaker and optional webcam. You will also need to install the free ZOOM App before the conference begins, following the instructions on page 2.

To join the ZOOM hearing by Phone/Audio only:

Dial: 888-475-4499 US Toll-free or 877-853-5257 US Toll-free

Join Courtroom 3 hearing by following the voice prompts:

Meeting ID: 477 941 9397

Password: 174383

You will be joined to the hearing in a muted mode.


To mute or unmute hit (star) *6. To raise virtual hand, hit *9



App. Follow these instructions to appear for your virtual hearing.

Allow plenty of time to prepare your equipment before joining the virtual hearing. Failure to attend

your virtual hearing at your appointed time, will result in a noted failure to appear.

If using a smartphone or tablet use the Zoom Application to access your virtual hearing; visit the app

store and download and install the ZOOM App.

If using a computer, you will be prompted to install when you join the meeting.

1. Go to:

2. Enter the Meeting ID: 477 941 9397 and select Join

3. Select “click here” to use Zoom from the browser, select “download & run Zoom” to use

the Application.

4. Enter the meetings password: 174383 and select Join Meeting.

Tips for Participating in the ZOOM Virtual Courtroom:

• When you join the virtual courtroom, you may be in a “waiting room” until the court clerk opens the meeting. Do not

announce yourself, the clerk will obtain names of those in attendance. There may be several cases set on the docket

at the same time.

• If calling in, call from a phone with a good connection.

• If you are represented by an attorney, talk to your attorney before the hearing date to discuss your case.

• You should remain in a muted status until your case is called to reduce background noise.

When your case is called, unmute your device. The Judge will ask you to identify yourself,

speak loudly and clearly.

• Follow directions from the Judge when it is your turn to speak.

• Hearings will be recorded using the court recording system.

• You may leave the ZOOM virtual hearing after your case has been resolved.

Additional instructions may be given to you by the Court or your Attorney during the hearing. Starting August 2nd, the Court Lobby services will be open to walk-in visitors, between the limited hours of 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM.  Staff are also available by telephone at 425-587-3160. If you have any questions, please contact your attorney or the court office.