Court Services

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Here is your resource to apply for a public defender, contact the prosecutor, look up a radar certificate, access a form or application, review how to request a tow hearing or modify a No-Contact Order and find a variety of other services available from Kirkland Municipal Court.

Attorney Forms

Ocourt Instructions(PDF, 95KB) (online case scheduling tool)

Order Granting Deferred Prosecution(PDF, 249KB) 

Advisement of Rights

Advisement of Rights Traditional Chinese(PDF, 103KB)  

Court Forms

Find an Infraction or Parking Hearing Request Form, Motion to Modify a No-Contact Order, Access to Court Records and our other most sought after forms.


Public Defender Screening and Services

The Tuesday morning in person screening is currently suspended.  You may instead apply for a Public Defender online by submitting the Public Defender Application.

Also, please note Public Defender screenings cannot be conducted by telephone. 

If you have been appointed the law firm of Stewart, MacNichols and Harmell, INC., P.S. directly by the Judge or by qualifying through the screening process then you may contact your public defender in advance of your hearing.

Stewart, MacNichols, Harmel, INC., P.S.
5400 Carillon Point, Bldg 5000, 4th Floor
Kirkland, WA 98033
425-454-9959 or 1-800-547-8639

Contact your Public Defender

If you have been appointed the Valley Defenders, PLLC, law firm to represent you, then you will contact:
Valley Defenders, PLLC.
2700 Richards Rd, Suite 202
Bellevue, WA 98005

Valley Defenders Contacts(PDF, 36KB)

Also, the King County Bar Association operates a lawyer referral service and provides information on community legal services.



Prosecutorial services for the City of Kirkland Municipal Court are contracted with the law firm:

Moberly & Roberts
12040 98th Ave NE, Suite 101
Kirkland, WA 98034
Office: 425-284-2362  Fax: 425-284-1205


Domestic Violence Advocate

The Domestic Violence Victims Advocate can be reached by contacting the Kirkland Police Department at 425-587-3509.  King County's webpage also has some helpful information about domestic violence issues.  If you are the alleged victim of a court case and would like to modify or terminate the existing No-Contact Order then you may file the Motion to Modify or Terminate with the Court. 


Impound Hearings

You must go to tow company and obtain the impounded vehicle hearing request form. The request for hearing must be received by the Court within 10 days of the date that the vehicle was redeemed or attempted to be redeemed. Before a hearing can be set, a mandatory $73 filing fee must accompany the request. A summons notice will then be mailed to all parties. Due to multiple parties being subpoenaed, Impound Hearings cannot be changed once they are set.