Risk Management

The City of Kirkland strives to provide a safe environment for our employees and community members, minimize financial risks to the City, and protect the financial assets of the City by creating a safe environment for its employees, community members, and visitors.  Risk Management coordinates the various claims generated from City operations. These include workers’ compensation, auto liability, general liability, and property claims.  We are dedicated to minimizing or eliminating the exposure of City assets and resources to accidental and business loss. Risk Management assists all levels of management and employees to maintain safety programs and practices that will ensure the safe and effective completion of City services and reduce accidents and injuries.

The services we provide include:

  • guidance, direction, oversight, and coordination of a City-wide risk management program
  • safety programs and trainings to ensure compliance with WISHA Standards
  • City’s liability, property, and auto/physical damage insurance program administration
  • workers' compensation program management

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a Claim for Damages against the city?
If you believe that the city is liable for damages to you or your property, you must complete a Claim for Damages Form(PDF, 1MB) and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office.  Completed claims should be notarized and mailed or hand-delivered to the City Clerk's Office along with the documentation supporting the dollar amount you listed on the form. For more detailed instructions, please visit the Claims for Damages page.

How long do I have to file a Claim?
You have three years from the time of the incident to file a Claim for Damages with the City of Kirkland.  If you are a minor, you have until the time you reach 21 to file a claim.

What happens after I submit my claim?
A copy of your claim will be sent to Risk Management.  The claim is then sent to WCIA, a self-insured municipal risk pool in which the City is a member.  WCIA will investigate the claim and determine if the City is legally responsible for your damage. If so, payment will be made directly to you from WCIA.