Kirkland Fire Department Strategic Plan

Update April 2019

A progress update on the Fire Strategic Plan was completed in April 2019.


In 2011, the City Council engaged the services of Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI) to conduct an organizational review of the Fire and Building Department. The City Council received the consultant's report in September 2012 [Staff Memo(PDF, 5MB)] and in August 2013 received the staff response and recommended priorities for implementing findings [Staff Memo(PDF, 715KB) ].

Since 2012, the Fire Department staff has been working with department members and the City Manager’s Office to implement certain recommendations through the budget process. 

Major findings in ESCI's review and the Fire Department's action priorities for the next two years are contained in the "Fire Department Analysis and Response to Findings and Recommendations(PDF, 94KB) ."

The current status of ESCI's 90 recommendations and additional recommendations from the Fire Department can be found in the "Recommendation Response Matrix(PDF, 155KB) ."

The funding recommendations to complete some of ESCI's recommendations are shown in the "Funded Recommendations 2013-2014 Budget(PDF, 47KB) " matrix.

View the entire organizational review and report: "Organizational Evaluation, Future Planning, Feasibility of Cooperative Service Delivery and Organizational Plan(PDF, 4MB) " by ESCI.

Kirkland Fire Department Priority Goals

The Kirkland Fire Department has always striven to provide the best service possible to the citizens of Kirkland. Based on the recommendations of the ESCI, the Kirkland Fire Department is positioned to take the next step in becoming a world class fire agency.

ESCI recommended seeking accreditation under the Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) which provides major benefits to the City and the citizens the Department serves. Also recommended is moving to reduce the Department's Washington State Ratings Bureau (WSRB) rating from the current 4 to a 1.

These are the Department's highest priorities and will require significant new resources to be implemented. Departments that have Class 1 ratings and who are CFAI accredited experienced reduced fire loss, fewer fire fatalities, increased medical service and may receive substantial reductions in insurance premiums to both businesses and homeowners. They provide the highest level of service to the citizens they serve.