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The Kirkland Fire Department's (KFD) application and testing process is always open for entry level Firefighters. KFD works with Public Safety Testing for lists of eligible candidates. Candidates must complete a PST written test and have a valid CPAT from any verifiable CPAT testing center. Upon successful completion of testing, candidates may be chosen to move on to agency interviews. The interview process will begin February 2025. KFD is continuously accepting applications for the hiring process for entry level Firefighters. Candidates are encouraged to keep their test scores and information current with Public Safety Testing.

The minimum qualifications to apply are:
  1. Must be at least 19 years old.
  2. Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  3. Must be a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident or the ability to legally work in the United States by the time of application.

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Hiring Process

Entry Level:

  1. Apply with Public Safety Testing (PST)  to take written test by February 2025.  Apply For the Fire Department Here!
  2. Complete the physical CPAT assessment through PST, or upload a certificate from any other certified organization to your PST account by February 2025.
  3. Participate in a three step oral interview process.
  • Interviews 1 and 2 are pass/fail.
  • Interview 3 is scored.
  • Candidate must pass all interviews to move forward.

4. Pass background check, medical, psychological, and fitness assessment.

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Salary and Benefits

The City of Kirkland Fire Department is one of the best-paid fire departments in the State of Washington. For more information, contact Kirkland Fire Department recruiting at:

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Year 1 74% of Base Pay
Year 2 77% of Base Pay
Year 3 83% of Base Pay
Year 4 91% of Base Pay
Year5 100% of Base Pay

Physical Fitness Incentive

 Employees shall be eligible for a physical fitness incentive as provided in the Kirkland Fire Department Labor Agreement.

Longevity Pay (Monthly)

Completed Years Of Service Percentage of Base Pay
5 through 9 2%
10 through 11 3%
12 through 15 4%
16 through 19 5%
20 through 24 6%
25 through 29 7%
30 years 10%



Vacation (hours per year)

Years of Employment Hours
1 through 2 years 144 Hours
3 through 5 years 168 Hours
6 through 9 years 204 Hours
10 through 13 years 252 Hours
14 through 17 years 270 Hours
18 through 21 years 294 Hours
22 through 24 years 306 Hours
25 years 312 Hours


All employees on the 24-hour shift receive 120 hours off in lieu of holidays.   



Law Enforcement Officers and Firefighters State Retirement Plan II (LEOFF II) is the current retirement system. Employees are eligible for vested retirement after 5 years of service and attainment of age 53.  DRS LEOFF Plan II Information

 Here is the formula we will use to calculate your monthly benefit:  

- Service credit months ÷ 12 x 2% x Final Average Salary* = Monthly Benefit  

* Average your monthly salary from the highest-paid 60 consecutive months in which you earned service credit. Usually, this is your last 60 months of service.  

The City's employees elected to withdraw from the Social Security system and invest in the Municipal Employee's Benefit Trust Fund (MEBT), which matches and exceeds the benefits under Social Security. Employee contributions are matched by the City. For information about MEBT


Life Insurance 

The City provides life insurance for the firefighter at a benefit of two times the firefighters base salary. 

Hiring FAQ

How do I apply with your department?

Interested candidates can apply online at  Apply Here!

Written and CPAT test scores are valid for one year from date of test.

Do I have to live within a certain distance from the city? 

No, there are no residency restrictions for Firefighters. 

What are the hours of work? 

The work schedule for line personnel is two consecutive 24-hour shifts making a “48 hour set”.  Firefighters normally work their 48 hour set followed by 96 hours off with a shift starting time of 0700.   Many firefighters work a 40 hour work week and all firefighters have the possibility of working days for three years.

How long is the Recruit Fire Academy and EMT class?

All recruit Firefighters will complete a paid 14-week Recruit Fire Academy training followed by a 5-week EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) class.   

What happens if I fail a portion of the testing process?

An applicant may re-apply through Public Safety Testing for the next hiring process. 

How many positions are available? 

Openings with the Kirkland Fire Department will vary between processes.

When should I apply?

You Can Apply Now!