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Community Room Reservations

Kirkland Fire is pleased to announce the re-opening of the community room space at Fire Station 22 to the public. The room can comfortably host 35 community members in a safe and inclusive environment.


Reserve the Community Room



Online application must be completed and submitted by a responsible adult (at least 18 years of age), no less than one (1) week in advance and no more than six (6) months in advance. Meetings will not be approved on a regularly pre-scheduled on-going basis. Each use will be approved individually, except those for Fire Department use.

Use of the Fire Station community room is limited to one (1) reservations per month by any one group.

The Fire Department retains the right of approval or rejection of the applicant.

In the event of an emergency when it is necessary for the safety or in the best interest of the City or attendees, the City reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any use of the community room.

A deposit of $50.00, check or cash, is required in order for a keycard to be issued to the responsible adult making the application for use of the community room. This deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the keycard at the Fire Department City Hall offices. The deposit may be rolled to a future reservation upon request. The keycard can be picked up at City Hall (during business hours) one (1) business day before the event and must be returned within two (2) business days after the date of use to ensure future granting of requests for use of the community room. Failure to return the keycard will result in forfeiting your deposit.

Kirkland Neighborhood Associations are exempt from the deposit and insurance requirements.


Parking is restricted to marked spaces. No parking is allowed in front of or within the gated area. Engine bay doors must be kept clear at all times. Car-pooling is encouraged.


The community room will be for adult groups or children's group with adequate adult supervision. A recommended ratio is one (1) adult to every five (5) minors. Groups are to be no larger than allowed by the occupancy load posted (58 for Station 22).  

Use of Equipment:

  • Each facility has an inventoried set of tables and chairs available for use. Applicant is responsible for arranging tables and chairs for their specific purpose and returning the tables and chairs to their stored or original location/configuration.
  • Equipment beyond tables and chairs cannot be made available.
  • Tables and chairs are to be used indoors only and only for specific use for which they are intended. At no time should anyone stand on tables or chairs, or sit on tables.
  • There are no facilities available for storage of equipment or material used for meetings.

Posting on Wall/Use of Markable Surfaces:

  • Post-It type meeting facilitation products are allowed on walls.
  • Only markers specifically for white board surfaces, where available, are allowed. Note - these items are not provided with the room, they must be brought by the group requesting the room.

Only music incorporated in presentations is allowed (i.e. no live music).

The use of the community room is for meetings where light refreshments may be served. Party or social activities at the Fire Stations are not allowed. Decorations that are attached to the walls or ceiling are prohibited. The applicant/group using the community room will be responsible for leaving the premises clean and for all breakage and damage arising from the use of the facility. 

The use of open flames in the community room, for ceremonial reasons or otherwise, is prohibited.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, and other unlawful drugs are prohibited while on the premises. Smoking (including E-cigarettes) is not permitted in any indoor area.

The community room will not be used for a fund-raising event where admission is charged. Nor will it be used for non-Fire Department groups who charge a fee of the people who attend or would use the room for merchandise promotion.

Use of the community room for election or campaign purposes is prohibited. 

Groups using the community room cannot have access to the facility before 7:00 AM and must terminate and leave the facility by 10:00 PM.

The fire stations do not have access to phones for public use.

Any person(s) failing to comply with the established rules and regulations, constituting a public nuisance, or violating any federal, state, or local laws or regulations may be required to leave the facility and premises.

Fire Station Community Room regulations(PDF, 133KB)



The applicant shall be responsible for any and all damage to the City's premises, and property and shall be responsible for all actions, behavior and damages caused by their guest/attendees.

The City is not responsible for accidents, injury, illness or loss of group or individual property.

All approved applicants will execute a Hold Harmless/Indemnification Agreement releasing the City of Kirkland of all liability from activities conducted in City facilities.

All applicants will provide a damage deposit and a certificate of insurance naming the City of Kirkland as an additional insured, unless waive by the City.

Insurance purchasing options(PDF, 260KB)


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