Searching the Electronic Repository

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Help on Searching


Using the * as a wildcard will broaden your search abilities.
For example, entering * instead of a Resolution number will return a result of all City Resolutions.

Date Range Search

To search a date range enter your search criteria as DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY
For example, entering 1/1/23 to 12/31/23 will return all documents for the year of 2023.

Document Content Keyword

The contents of the City Council Packets can be fully searched for keywords.  To do a single keyword search just enter your keyword into the box. 

To search a phrase, enter the phrase between quotation marks. 
For example, entering "NE 85th" will return all council packets with the phrase "NE 85th" in the contents. 

Keywords can also be searched using Boolean operator AND, OR and NOT.  To use these operators place your keywords in quotation marks with the operator. 
For example, entering "Street" AND "Paving" will return all council packets with the words "Street" and "Paving" in the contents.