Full Size Burial Lots Sold Out

Cemetery staff is compiling a waiting list for single, full size lots in the event recommendation for cemetery expansion is made, or if lots become available. Individuals on the waiting list will be offered sites first.
Baby Haven, the urn garden and niche walls are still available.

The Kirkland Cemetery is operated by the City of Kirkland and is located at the corner of NE 80th Street and 120th Avenue. It is one of the few municipal facilities of its kind in the Puget Sound area. Over the past century, nearly 4,500 people have been buried here, including some of Kirkland's early pioneers. Improvements completed in 1994 increased the capacity of the cemetery by about 3,500.

Getting More Information

Contact us to help with cemetery sales, disposition of remains, purchase or setting of markers, and location of specific burial sites. The Clerk also serves as coordinator with funeral homes and the Parks Department in scheduling graveside services and interments.  If you would like to meet with the Cemetery Clerk in person at City Hall, you may do so by appointment only.  Call or email Cemetery Clerk to schedule your appointment.  

Acceptable Items for Gravesites

Only cut flowers, wreaths, potted plants, floral offerings and flags may be placed on any grave or lot. They may be removed by the groundskeeper when their condition is detrimental to the area. Objects such as boxes, toys, or shells are not permitted. Artificial flowers are not permitted during the mowing season. For further details, please read our cemetery policies.


All markers must be set in concrete, flush to the ground, by the City (on certain lots upright markers are allowed). As part of the perpetual care provided by Kirkland Cemetery, the City will repair or replace the concrete setting if it becomes cracked. For further details, please read our cemetery policies.


There are a wide variety of lots and services available. Contact us for specific costs that may apply for your situation.