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Admissions Tax Program

If you attend an indoor or outdoor event within Kirkland city limits where an admission fee is charged, you’ll be paying a tax on the admissions price.  That’s because the City of Kirkland’s Admissions Tax Program requires any person, group, company, etc. that charges an admission price to charge and collect admissions tax. This includes online and third party ticket sales.

The Admissions Tax Rate for Kirkland is 5% of the established ticket price.  The Program applies to non-profit organizations and charitable fundraisers.

For example, if you attend a musical performance at a local high school theater, your admissions price would include the 5% city admissions tax. The Program exempts elementary and secondary school activities where an admission fee is charged. 

Please follow the steps defined in the Admissions Tax Program Brochure(PDF, 2MB) if you or your organization hosts an event where the following are applied to your patrons:

  • cover charge
  • entrance fee
  • one-time charge
  • season ticket price

If you are holding monthly events, you need to complete only one application.  Once you receive the Certificate of Admissions from the City's Finance Department, it will be effective for one year.


Step 1.Complete the application prior to the event

Step 2.Post the admission tax information at the time of your event.

  • List the applicable admission tax rate on the ticket separate from the ticket price.
  • Post a sign in an obvious place at the venue entrance or ticket office that breaks down the admission charge. 
  • Post the Certificate of Admissions issued by the City in the same manner as the ticket break down.  Certificate Sample(PDF, 7KB)

Step 3.Submit the tax on admissions report after your event.


Utility Occupation Tax Program

According to the authority given in the Kirkland Municipal code under Chapter 5.08, Utility occupation tax code, certain Kirkland businesses are required to pay Kirkland Utility occupation tax. Businesses within the city of Kirkland that provide electricity, gas service, cable, garbage and telephone/wireless technology are subject to this tax. For further details on this tax please refer to the above referenced code.

Steps to Apply for Utility Business Tax Program:

Step 1.Apply for a Business License

  • Businesses may register for a license with the City of Kirkland through the Washington Business Licensing Service’s (BLS) one-stop online business licensing portal. If you would like to fill out the application by hand, you can print out a form here. More information regarding how to apply for a business license can be found here.

Step 2.Email to receive your City of Kirkland Tax Account number

  • Include your assigned tax account number on your form each month when submitting your tax payment

Step 3.File and pay taxes

  • Taxes must be paid by the 10th of every month following the month in which activity occurred.
  • Pay your taxes by completing the appropriate tax form below. Mail the completed tax return form, along with a check for payment to:


City of Kirkland - Tax Section 

123 5th Ave 

Kirkland, WA 98033



Telephone, Cable Electric and/or Gas Tax Form

Telephone, Cable Electric and/or Gas Tax Form(PDF, 470KB)

Sanitary / Garbage Services Tax Form

Sanitary/ Garbage Services Tax Form(PDF, 578KB)   

Gambling Tax Program

Under the authority granted by the Kirkland municipal code chapter 7.48 Gambling restrictions- Tax, businesses involved in gambling activities are required to file and pay gambling taxes each quarter. For full details of the City of Kirkland gambling restrictions and tax rates please refer to the above referenced code. Taxes are due as follows: 


Tax Period

Tax Due Date

January – March

April 30th

April – June

July 31st

July September

October 31st

October – December

January 31st


City of Kirkland - Tax Section 

123 5th Ave 

Kirkland, WA 98033

If you have any questions regarding utility or gambling tax, due dates or tax rates, please email us at