Graphic chart to describe Startup425 programsStartup425 is an alliance of five cities – Kirkland, Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond and Renton – which have joined forces to foster diversity and creativity within the greater Eastside business community. Startup425 focuses on growing and sustaining small businesses of all types, with a sharp focus on underserved businesses owned by women, veterans, minorities and People of Color. Startup425 hosts and facilitates a number of programs and events which are held throughout the year, aimed at both early-stage and mid-stage startups and entrepreneurs. Visit the Startup425 website for more details about our programs and offerings.

Startup425 is administered by the City of Bellevue.

Startup425 Website

Startup425 Mission:

Startup425's mission is "to provide access to tools that experienced workers, students, and entrepreneurs need to go from idea to working business in a successful, sustainable manner. We lower the barriers to entry for non-traditional and first-time founders. This keeps our ecosystem diverse, encourages spontaneous collaboration, and provides pathways to prosperity for our whole community.

The talented individuals working at Eastside institutions like Microsoft, Google, Boeing, Valve, and others create an energy where innovation is the norm, entrepreneurship is the goal, and building the future is the outcome."