City of Kirkland's COVID-19 Recovery Investments

Sign hanging on tree with text: Kirkland Strong Supporting our Nursing Homes and Each other

Updated June 14, 2023

The City of Kirkland has dedicated over $15 million in COVID-19 recovery funding and resources.

City Council made COVID-19 recovery investments a priority, ensuring that:

  • Community needs are being addressed
  • City operations and vital services continue safely during a global pandemic
  • Residents and businesses in need are supported

You can learn more about the different categories of COVID-19 recovery investments below. To learn more about Kirkland’s COVID experience, view the “COVID-19 in Kirkland: From Response to Resilience” page.


Diagram 1: This chart depicts the City's COVID-19 Recovery Investments as of August 2022. $4.3 million has been dedicated to helping people, $2.6 million dedicated to supporting businesses, $6.8 million dedicated to adapting to community needs, and over $2.08 million dedicated to addressing ongoing community needs.