City of Kirkland Profile

Founded: 1888
Incorporated: 1905 
Annexation of Finn Hill, Juanita, and Kingsgate: June 1, 2011
Population: 88,940 (April 2019 estimate, Washington State Office of Financial Management)  
Rank: Thirteenth largest municipality in Washington State, sixth largest in King County (2019)
Housing Units: 38,908 (2019 estimate)
Elevation Range: 15 to 535 feet above sea level
Land Area: 18 square miles 
Average Annual Precipitation: 38.6 inches 
Miles of City Streets, Highways: Approximately 300 miles (includes private streets) 
Miles of City Sewers: 116
Miles of Water Lines: 173 miles
City Retail Sales Tax:  10.1% 
Fire Department Grading: Class 4
Total City Budget (2019-2020 Final Budget):  $793,024,135 
Operating Budget (2019-2020 Final Budget): $360,843,609
Full-Time City Employees: 650 permanent staff (December 2019)

Data Sources:
City of Kirkland, Washington
State of Washington Office of Financial Management
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