About Proclamations and Commendations

A proclamation or commendation is a formatted certificate or letter, issued by the Mayor, to give recognition and support to ceremonial occasions and special events, civic achievements, or to raise awareness about concerns of interest to the community as a whole.  Proclamations and commendations are symbolic, and no official policy, action or legal act is imparted or intended as a result.  All proclamations and commendations will be issued at the discretion of the Mayor. 

Proclamations generally recognize international, national, state, and local events, as well as matters of historical interest, in order to bring them to the attention of Kirkland community members.  Commendations generally honor a group or individual for civic achievements.  Proclamation and commendation content should relate to a public purpose or benefit.  

The City Council's Policies & Procedures(PDF, 317KB) provides more information on proclamations and commendations.

Proclamations Issued in 2023 


Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service - Issued January 3
Day of Racial Healing - Issued January 17


Black History Month - Issued February 7
Japanese Day of Remembrance - Issued February 22


National Athletic Training Month - Issued March 1
Women's History Month - Issued March 7
Nowruz and Support for Iranian American Community - Issued March 21


Autism and Other Neurodivergence Acceptance and Appreciation Month - Issued April 4
Earth Month - Issued April 18
Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Issued April 18
"YWCA Until Justice Just Is” Month - Issued April 18


Affordable Housing Week - Issued May 2
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month - Issued May 2
Older Americans Month - Issued May 2
Building Safety Month - Issued May 2
Bike Everywhere Month - Issued May 2
Jewish American Heritage Month - Issued May 16
Kids to Parks Day - Issued May 16 
National Foster Care Month - Issued May 16 
Safe Boating and Paddling Week - Issued May 16