Current Recruitment Positions

Would you like to contribute your time and experience as a member of the City Council's advisory Boards and Commissions? Please review the current Board and Commission vacancies below and consider these interim opportunities to get involved with your community! Watch for additional openings when the 2022 annual Boards and Commission recruitment opens up in late January. 

Upon appointment, all Board and Commission members are asked to sign the City Council adopted Code of Conduct(PDF, 64KB) and Code of Ethics(PDF, 730KB).

Library Board 

The role of the Library Board is to serve as an advisory body to the Kirkland City Council and the Kirkland City Manager, and also serves as a liaison to the King County Library System and its designated librarians regarding library service issues and community interests.

There is one youth vacancy for this Board.

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Senior Council

The role of the Senior Council is to advise the City Council as dedicated community members who want to see Kirkland continue to be a safe, vibrant and welcoming city to all. The KSC advocates, supports and creates programs and services that meet the needs of adults age 50+ in the community. 

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Tourism Development Committee

The role of the Tourism Development Committee is to advise the Council on allocating the lodging excise tax fund for tourism promotion. Organizations that collect lodging tax revenue are invited to propose representatives for appointment to the committee. Representatives of a business or organization that are involved in activities authorized to be funded by revenue received under this chapter are also invited to apply.

There are two vacancies for this Committee.

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