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Animal Services

Kirkland Animal Services logo
January 1, 2018: Better Animal Services coming to Kirkland

Animal Services Currently Kirkland Screenshot
Currently Kirkland camera crews spoke with Animal Control Officer Jennifer Matison to hear about her part in Kirkland's new Animal Services program

The years-long process of creating a local animal service program in Kirkland has brought together a team of experts from each department throughout the City to ensure a smooth transition and launch.

On January 1, 2018, we will be ready.

It has taken lot of work to get here. The City Council voted to implement a local animal services program in November 2016 and the team convened in January 2017. The Police Department and the City Manager’s Office took the lead, and IT professionals, finance and business license experts, communicators, graphic specialists and lawyers are working together to tackle the details of every aspect of the program.

We want to get it right for all the residents of Kirkland including pet owners, local animal care partners and of course, the animals.

We want to build a rock solid foundation from which we can grow and deliver exceptional service to the community.

checkmark  We’ve purchased the gear and the truck
checkmark  Hired the Animal Control Officer
checkmark  Built the office and kennel
checkmark  We have adopted the ordinances.
checkmark  We’ve contracted with, a professional pet licensing company who will be taking care of processing new licenses and managing renewals. This relationship will make it easy for residents to license their pets.
  We are working to contract with a shelter (that will be in place by January).

Animal Services is a big program, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help guide you through how we are setting things up.

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Services To Be Offered


Pet Licensing

Pet licensing will be managed by the City. Licenses help return lost pets to their owners.


Animal Sheltering

Local partnership for sheltered care given to lost or unwanted animals, including adoption options.


Animal Control Officer

Kirkland’s own Animal Control Officer. This officer will give dedicated support to return lost pets and to provide education and enforcement for domestic animal concerns and complaints. This new program will be provided as one of the first initiatives in the City's focus on community-based policing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Services is a big program, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help guide you through how we are setting things up. .

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