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Volunteer Opportunities

Great volunteer opportunities are available for diverse talents and interests. Most City of Kirkland volunteer opportunities require the On-going Volunteer Application. For a one-time volunteer opportunity/assignment, please use the One-Time Event Volunteer Service Agreement (PDF-162 kb). 

Volunteer Environmental Stewards Environmental Stewardship
The City offers several opportunities to help preserve, protect and enhance our parks, open spaces and natural environment.

Note: Youth volunteers under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult when volunteering with the City’s Parks & Community Services Department. For volunteers ages 14-17, please bring this service agreement (PDF-162 kb) with parent/guardian signature to the volunteer event.

Green Kirkland Partnership works to restore natural areas in the City. Many volunteer events are planned in parks all around the City. These are considered 'one-time' volunteer opportunities. City contact: Katie Cava at 425-587-3306.

Park maintenance projects often need volunteers to plant, weed, and reforest landscaping areas in City parks and natural areas and occasionally at City facilities. Those interested in the outdoors, gardening or plants are encouraged to volunteer. Many opportunities are considered 'one-time' opportunities; however, there is also a need for regular/monthly individual and group volunteers. Check out our Top 5 Parks volunteer opportunities (PDF-64 kb).Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Volunteer Eagle ScoutsEagle Scout & School Capstone Projects are the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression in the City. A limited number of projects are accepted at any one time. Contact: Tim Werner at 425-587-3399.

Adopt a Traffic Circle is a great way to keep Kirkland attractive by maintaining the traffic circles in our intersections. Help is needed to weed, clear, and maintain traffic circles in all areas of the city. Adopt one and make it your own, or volunteer on a short-term basis to help us keep them maintained. Contact: David Gourlie at 425-587-3867.

Storm Drain Marking volunteers (individuals or groups) are needed to assist the City in marking the remaining street storm drains. We provide you pre-printed "Only rain down the drain" decals and an assigned area, and on your own schedule, you affix decals during dry conditions. Great for teen-parent and small groups. Considered 'one-time' opportunities. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Public Safety

Volunteers are a vital part of the City’s public safety efforts. The City is fortunate to have trained emergency response and crime prevention volunteers.

*** NEW Learning Opportunity ***

November Ham Radio Class
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Kirkland Emergency Communication Team (KECT) need additional licensed radio operators to work with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on a volunteer basis.
Would you like to get your Amateur Radio license? We have a class starting in November. This is for Technician Class license. We use an online study guide. If you elect to use this guide we can save about $5.00 per subscription if we enroll as a group of ten or more. We can do this the night of the first class session.
Class: Four sessions: Tues Nov 1st and Thurs Nov 3rd ; Tues Nov 8th and Thurs Nov 10th  (7pm to 9pm)
Exam session: Nov 12th (11:30 am-2pm+) No time limit on exam.   Class size is limited to 20 so get your information in early if you would like to attend. There is no charge for the class but there will be a $15 charge for the test at the end.   Please send your information to Ron Poole at  a) your full name, phone number and email address, b) the name and phone number for an emergency contact… or call 425-406-8581 with questions.

The class will be conducted at the Kirkland City Hall at 123 Fifth Ave, 98033. Please use the North entrance to City Hall. Someone will be there to let you enter the building and guide you to the EOC. Please arrive a half hour early on the first session. Looking forward to having you join us supporting our community.

Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART). Support local victims of domestic violence. DART is a partnership between local law enforcement and the community to address and prevent domestic violence. DART volunteers provide crisis intervention and support to victims of domestic violence following police involvement, and assist victims during the court process. DART is currently NOT accepting new volunteers. Questions? Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Volunteer Police ExplorerPolice Youth Explorers are youth-aged (ages 14–21) volunteers who receive extensive law enforcement training to perform traffic control, special events, and other assignments. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012. 

Speed Watch volunteers support the Kirkland Police Department by monitoring vehicular speeds using handheld radar units in neighborhood, school and known problem areas. Flexible schedules available; 2-3 hours per week. Currently not accepting additional volunteers. To be added to the waitlist, please contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012. 

Amateur Radio Emergency Service (A.R.E.S.) ham radio operators are always looking for new members. A.R.E.S. is a vital communications link for the City in the event of a disaster or major emergency.  Those interested are invited to attend an upcoming monthly meeting. For meeting time, date and location please email the ARES Lead.

Fire Corps (new volunteer recruitment is on hold)
Fire Corps consists of volunteers dedicated to the community by partnering with the Fire Department to create a safer community. Volunteers support the Fire Department in a variety of non-emergency activities such as fire and injury prevention education, incident support, emergency management, community relations, administrative support. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
CERT Leadership volunteer opportunity is for people that have completed the CERT Training and live or work in the City of Kirkland. This group of dedicated volunteers are partnering with the City to create a more resilient community. They are involved with activities such as supporting new CERT classes, developing neighborhood CERT teams, sharing the preparedness message with community, and coordinating ongoing CERT trainings. Contact: Christina Brugman (Lead Volunteer).

Volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) - No Volunteer Assignments
The Kirkland Fire EMT Volunteer program ended December 15, 2014.  Please see "Fire Corps" volunteer opportunity above.  Questions? Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Adopt a Pedestrian Flagged Crosswalk is a program where citizens can make a big difference in a small amount of time. Volunteers “adopt” a crosswalk by ensuring there are always orange/yellow “pedflags” available at marked crosswalks throughout Kirkland. The flags assist pedestrians in alerting drivers to their presence when crossing the street. You may have one in your neighborhood or along your favorite walking route that is currently in need of a volunteer. Contact: David Gourlie at 425-587-3867.

Administrative/Customer Service Support

Office Assistant volunteers assist a number of departments with basic office administrative tasks such as filing, mailings, data entry, copying.  Demand for this assignment is high, so there may be a waitlist.  Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

City Hall Front Reception Assistants greet guests and customers to City Hall and direct them to departments, staffers and meeting rooms.  They answer questions of drop-in and phone customers. Excellent interpersonal skills are a must for this assignment.  There is a steep learning curve but you get to learn a lot about City services and Kirkland-based resources. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Special Events.  If you are interested in helping at one  or more special events per year, please contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012 to receive monthly announcements of upcoming Kirkland-based event volunteer opportunities. These are considered 'one-time' opportunities.

Senior Programs and Youth Recreation

At the Peter Kirk Community Center and the North Kirkland Community Center local seniors benefit from social, nutritional, health and educational programming, and those of all ages participate in sports, arts classes, recreational activities and special events. Contact Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Senior Lunch Program Assistant: You and 3-4 other volunteers help set up the dining area, limited meal prep, serving meals and clean-up for this lunch-time nutritional meal for local seniors.

Senior Health Care Clinic Assistant: Assist the contract nurse in greeting clients, helping with paperwork, making appointment reminder calls and filling/emptying foot care bins.

Sports Coaches or Leaders: Volunteer your time as a team coach or sports class leader. Options include Pee Wee Soccer, Youth Basketball and Aqua Leaders.

Kirkland Digital Communications Services

The Digital Communications division manages the City’s local government access channels and graphics programs. Contact: Patrick Tefft at 425-587-3012.

Video Production Assistants—Are yoVolunteer MMSu interested in video production? Learn the ins and outs of camera operation, lighting, and sound production.

Actors & Extras—Get your 15 minutes of fame and watch yourself in a City video. No acting experience required. Filming typically occurs during the business day. Considered 'one-time' volunteer opportunities.

Boards, Commissions and Committees

Many Kirkland residents give their time and share their talents to serve as appointed members of Boards and Commissions. Annual recruitment occurs in the first quarter of each year. City contact: Kathi Anderson at 425-587-3190.

Teens are always welcome to get involved with the Kirkland Youth Council which provides a vital link between area youth and local government. Contact Regi Schubiger at 425-587-3323 for more information. Additional Teen Volunteer Opportunities For additional local volunteer opportunities appropriate for teens, please review the Where to Care resource booklet (PDF-432 kb), assembled by the Kirkland Youth Council.

Community-based Volunteer Opportunities
King County’s Long Term Care Ombudsman Program seeks volunteers who will be trained to advocate for the civil and resident rights of vulnerable people living in long-term care facilities. The commitment is 32 hours of certification training, attending monthly in-service meetings that focus on long-term care issues and four hours per week of volunteer time. There are several long-term care facilities in Kirkland whose residents need Volunteer Ombudsman to advocate for them. Contact: Jeremy Bell, Regional Director, 253-838-6810 ext. 197,

Medical Reserve Corps is seeking volunteers in the Kirkland area.  As a member of MRC, you receive free training on emergency preparedness and other public health issues.  Volunteers with the following skill sets are needed:  Interpreters/translators, Clergy/chaplains, Ham radio operators, Call center operators, Physicians/PAs, Medical assistants, EMT/Paramedics, Community health workers, Mental health workers, Nurses/CNAs, Pharmacy workers, Veterinarians and Dental health workers.  Medical Reserve Corps is part of Seattle/King County Public Health Reserve Corps.  To apply to become a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer, go to


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