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Downtown Strategic Plan Update

Downtown Retail Strategy

The Kirkland community has a strong desire to increase the vibrancy and utility of downtown Kirkland by attracting and retaining great retailers.  This study evaluated the retail market and retail development conditions in downtown Kirkland and proposes recommendations for programs and policies to strengthen the downtown retail climate and downtown retail offerings.

Working with E.D. Hovee Company, the City and the Downtown Advisory Committee (DAC) have completed a Downtown Retail Strategy (March 2009).  The report includes a market analysis of downtown, the results of stakeholder interviews, mapping of existing retail conditions, and identifies opportunity and gaps in the current retail market.

The DAC recommends a retail strategy that focuses on a downtown as a reinvigorated destination with a strong local component.  This combined strategic approach has been recognized by the DAC as offering the opportunity to achieve the vision outlined by the City's 2007 Strategic Situation Assessment  for downtown to "flourish, help build community, and uniquely reflect Kirkland."

The study also includes a "tool kit" of resources that might be useful for encouraging or affecting short- and long-term downtown retail revitalization. Recommended as a strategic priority is a return on investment (ROI) perspective - as a guiding principle for investment of City resources.

In response to downtown/business community concerns and effects of the current economic downturn, efforts to attract more businesses are already underway with the City's Economic Development Program.  Restructuring the City's revenue base for less dependency on sales tax revenues is also a City priority.

The DAC has also reviewed existing retail conditions mapping and concluded that all retail streets in the downtown have the potential to be outstanding retail streets - if the right initiatives are taken.


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